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OverDrive Production Automation

Flexible. Powerful. Control.

Automated Production Control (APC) is now common place, delivering operational efficiencies, while taking complexity out of the production process. OverDrive is the most advanced APC system on the planet, enabling the most sophisticated productions to be executed cleanly and consistently, while delivering substantial savings in operational costs.

With nearly 400 systems on-air, OverDrive is the world leader in APC. OverDrive offers unparalleled choice with integration to more than 220 different production devices. Both manual and automated control is provided to both Ross and third party devices including production switchers, routing systems, video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, and graphics systems.

Control Flexibility

Perform manual, semi-automated or fully automated productions at any time from the same control room, using the same equipment. Manual device control is always at the operator’s fingertips whether from OverDrive or a dedicated panel.

Configurable Interface

OverDrive offers an intuitive, user-configurable interface consolidating control of many devices into one control area. Use custom icons for quick identification and preview of the rundown.

Wise Investment

ROI can occur in a little as 12 months, offering a significant return for a capital expense.

No Mistakes

Delivers a consistent, repeatable, error-free production across a range of operator skill sets. OverDrive enables all operators to run clean, consistent productions, every day, every time.

Adapt Quickly

Easily accommodate live breaking news and changes on-the-fly. With a toolset unmatched by any other system, OverDrive is the clear leader in managing late-breaking or unscripted events.

Equipment Choice

Protect your current investment in production equipment as OverDrive integrates with equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers. Chose the devices to match your requirements and budget.




This is the primary application for managing all production elements, effects and transitions for ‘rundown-based’ scripted, and ‘on-the-fly’ unscripted productions.


DirectControl provides direct, manual control of your production devices in a unified interface.


OverDrive’s user-friendly TemplateEditor makes it easy to edit, manage, and configure OverDrive templates.

MOS & NRCS Integration

OverDrive’s NRCS Plugin was the first HTML5 MOS plugin to be rolled out under the new MOS spec.


OverDrive has multiple user-definable timers to track things like program time, event time, clip time, and NRCS timing information.

Enterprise Grade

Virtual Environment Support OverDrive has been tested and certified to work in multiple virtualization environments to provide the latest in redundancy and cost-saving solutions

What’s New in Version 21.0?

QuickTurn, QuickCode & more…

Ultrix Carbonite

Ultrix Carbonite combines the routing and processing capabilities of Ultrix with the sophisticated creative capabilities of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-size production switcher. Ultrix Carbonite creates a new standard in performance, flexibility and value, unmatched by any standalone system available today. Paired with OverDrive’s ability to control the Audio and Video mixing capabilities along with dynamic control of the Ultrix router, the way to think about mid-sized production switchers has changed! Talk to us today to see how much more you can do with this compact and powerful solution.

OverDrive Version 21.0 and Caprica Version 8.0


MOS 4 is the latest update to the industry standard communication protocol between newsroom devices and control systems. MOS 4 allows for direct and secure communication between OverDrive and NRCS systems located on different networks or in the cloud. This allows for more flexibility and reduced complexity when moving parts of your newsroom infrastructure off-site or to public or private cloud data-centers.

OverDrive Version 21.0 

Security Updates

As broadcast systems become more inter-connected and less isolated, the need for secure connections and access control to broadcast systems is more important today than ever before. Our goal at Ross is to provide you with the most stable platform to produce your content. Part of that stability is the knowledge that your system is not open to attacks or accidental access. In Version 21, we’ve added options where possible to create secure connections, removed hardcoded passwords, and allowed for login gates on all applications and plugins. We’ve also updated our device control platform’s (Caprica) operating system to a fully supported, VM and Cloud ready, hardened OS.

OverDrive Version 21.0 and Caprica Version 8.0

Ultrix Acuity

The power of Ross Video’s flagship production switcher and the game-changing feature set of its flexible hybrid routing platform have been merged to create a complete, future-proof solution that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. OverDrive can dynamically control the power of the Audio, Routing and Switcher capabilities and create one of the most compact, and efficient solutions for live production on the market.

Live Preview

Interact and view live sources relevant to your current action. Reduce the time spent hunting for video sources on a multi-viewer.

  • Live Preview supports NDI streams.
  • Use any NDI source. Examples:
    – Preview from the switcher
    – Graphics Preview
    – Router Output for remote checks
  • Each client (including CodingClient) can have its own feed
  • Use any NDI streaming/encoding device
  • Audio Monitoring: See and hear what you are working on for ultimate confidence.


OverDrive’s QuickTurn allows you to repurpose content for multiple platforms. New in version 20, you can and easily record any segment for future use. Where does the “quick” part come in? OverDrive and Streamline work together to fulfill a media placeholder to be reused without editing or manual intervention. You can use QuickTurn to turnaround a pre-produced segment for use in your current production. Pre-record your headline sequence, an interview with a celebrity or political figure on a tight schedule.

OverDrive v20.0 and Caprica v7.0
(Requires QuickTurn Ingest Hardware. Ask about 3rd party MAM compatibility)

Turnkey QuickTurn Ingest Hardware

This is a new product and dedicated server for ingesting video content for web publishing and broadcast re-use.

  • 1RU Hardware with Ingest software.
  • Dedicated 2-Channel Ingest Encoder
  • Records to Web-Enabled Codecs
  • Records to Broadcast-Enabled Codecs
  • Integrates Seamlessly with Streamline Media Asset Management and Evo Storage solutions.

QuickCode Templates

We have expanded the use of QuickCode to work with video server templates. This allows for metadata from the NRCS to define how video server clips are used in a production. A clip destined for headlines, or a voice over or set decoration can be tagged as such and OverDrive will automatically assign the right template.

OverDrive v20.0

Ability to support in/out metadata for MOS video clips

Added support for playout of partial clips using metadata from MOS objects. Certain third-party MAM and video server system support the ability to play partial video clips allowing producers to quickly edit and playout sub-clips during breaking news.

OverDrive v20.0 and Caprica v7.0

Improved Timer Updates

NRCS Timers can now be dynamically updated while in progress. This allows a producer to change the length of an interview in the NRCS and OverDrive’s timers will automatically reflect the changes to make sure you stay on time.

OverDrive v20.0

Improved Configuration Options

We’ve added the ability to name the devices to make finding the right device to configure or use to build a CustomControl macro much easier.

With enhanced cleaning of control surfaces recently, we have seen some SideSlides mis-behave, so we’ve an easy to use calibration tool for SideSlides to resolve issues that might arise after a thorough cleaning.

Caprica v7.0

Improved UI

We’ve added some new UI elements to help better identify QuickCode, QuickAudio keywords in RundownControl. We also added some highlights to make it easier for user to find and resolve issues that could affect production.

OverDrive v20.0

Improved Category/Show support for Robotic Cameras

In an effort to reduce the number of templates and shots needed to produce multiple different shows, we’ve added the ability to define wildcards for robotic camera shots. This allows you to re-use robotic camera templates in different shows that have different positioning.

Caprica v7.0
(Available for select Robotic camera systems)

Performance Improvements

OverDrive is even faster! Loading, processing, and updating running orders from the NRCS has been improved. Loading a running order can now be measured in milliseconds vs. seconds.

OverDrive v20.0


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