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P.Link Dual UHD & 8HD Contribution Video Encoder & Decoder


In video production and contribution, PERSEUS’ processing power advantage enables up to 70% cost savings per channel, while at the same time unlocking the promises of low-latency visually lossless UHD sports contribution, HDR, remote production, IP production and software-defined workflows, including virtualization and cloud. Typical use cases include:

80 Mbps

For HD Intra contribution with AI enabled.

130 Mbps

For UHD Intra contribution with AI enabled.

400 Mbps

For 2 UHD Intra contribution feeds in standard mode within a single low-cost appliance.

All of the above, with convenient software encoding and decoding ready to deploy in virtualized and cloud environments.


V-Nova - next generation P.Link Video Encoder and Decoder

Power of software allows high-density HD & UHD bi-directional flexibility, lowering cost per channel significantly by minimizing CAPEX & OPEX driving down Total Cost of Ownership.


Visually lossless, intra 4K/UHD signals can be delivered at 130-200 Mbps, and multiple 4K/UHD and HD services can be delivered by a single 1 Gbps link.


Dynamic Multiplex lets the encoder adjust the bandwidth between services according to complexity and priority, in real time, allowing more services or higher quality for a given link.

Contribution Solutions

At-home Production / REMI Remote Production
Remote Production
  • Program, Preview and Proxy Bitrates can be set frame by frame, via automation
  • 8 3G-SDI allow 6 camera 2 return videos in 1 rack unit


Site-to-Site Contribution

  • Maintains Video Fidelity after Concatenated Encodes
  • Dynamic Multiplex allocates bandwidth between services according to the complexity

Post Production

Post Production

  • 4K HDR to provide an accurate facsimile of video frames at each location
  • Configurable services to give maximum quality to Source and Produced monitors

Remote Truck / Event Production

Remote Truck / Event Production

  • Two UHD or Eight HD videos in 1 Rack Unit
  • Bidirectional 3G-SDI allow P.Link to provide UHD, HD feeds with Return Video

Video case study: P.Link powers Eutelsat’s 4K/UHD at Euro 2016

  • Eutelsat chose V-Nova’s PERSEUS™ video compression for the contribution of the visually lossless, 4K/UHD international feeds of the UEFA Euro Championship 2016.
  • The deployed system was used from the quarter-finals onwards to enable RAI to offer live coverage of the final stages of the football tournament in Ultra HD/4K to all Italian homes that can receive RAI’s Ultra HD (UHD) channel on the Tivùsat platform.

Live 4K broadcast requires a high-quality communication infrastructure, which plays to Eutelsat’s core strengths. By working with V-Nova, we will be able to add pristine 4K/UHD feeds alongside the all-important HD feeds.

Cristiano Benzi
Director Special Projects Italy, Eutelsat


What is Perseus?

V-Nova’s PERSEUS™ is a new codec format that delivers on the promises of next-generation image and video codecs by compressing video at “bandwidth that matters” on available encoders and decoders.

Uniquely, the PERSEUS codec format was designed from the ground up for hierarchical processing (“multiscale”), massively parallel processing and machine learning. This allows better compression and substantial processing power reductions without requiring dedicated hardware acceleration, hence maintaining compatibility with devices deployed and already in the field.

The PERSEUS format is available in two variants:

    • PERSEUS Pro, for mathematically lossless and visually lossless professional production and contribution applications
    • PERSEUS Plus, for high compression efficiency in content distribution to end-users, web publishing and peer-to-peer applications.

Professional equipment enabled with PERSEUS provide broadcasters, content producers and service operators with the industry’s best and most reliable performance at the lowest cost.

Why should I care about Perseus?

For end-users, PERSEUS provides a step-change in availability and quality of experience of video services, enabling higher quality and more affordable video services for all.

For TV & Media operators, PERSEUS enables better services to more people (i.e., higher revenues), lower investments and lower operating costs, often all at the same time and after very limited set up investment. Payback times are often measured in calendar days, rather than weeks or months.

For other companies and industry verticals dealing with video, PERSEUS either unlocks video-related use cases that would not otherwise be viable or significantly improves the quality and cost-efficiency of existing services.

What computing platforms does Perseus support?

Commercial optimized, rate-controlled and maintained PERSEUS codec implementations are available from V-Nova as software SDKs or as pre-integrated solutions running on a variety of computing platforms, including x86, ARM, Set-Top-Box SOCs, GPUs, FPGAs. Notably, PERSEUS does not require dedicated hardware acceleration thanks to its design criteria of leveraging hardware acceleration already available in all CPUs, GPUs and SOCs.

Does upgrading to Perseus require changes in the workflow?

No. PERSEUS software upgrade happens at a low level at the encoder (content preparation) and decoder (content playback) level, with no other changes in the existing workflow.

PERSEUS leverages standard encapsulation and transmission standards and is thus transparent to remuxers, transmuxers, encryption (DRM, CA), metadata management, packagers, Content Delivery Networks, ad insertion, etc.

Connected devices, PCs and deployed set-top boxes alike can be easily be upgraded to decode PERSEUS, transparently to the end-user.



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