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P2 Cast


Direct connection between the on-site news acquisition
and the newsroom changes the production workflow.
An IoT solution for newsgathering that goes beyond the cloud.

P2 Cast is Panasonic’s P2 central management system that brings a revolutionary solution to news gathering and operations. P2 Cast is far more than just a network-based data transfer or file sharing service.
It automates the uploading of live images from camera recorders to the P2 Cast Cloud in real time.
The newsroom editor and other staff members can share the image source on the web by accessing the cloud. What’s more, P2 Cast makes it possible to obtain high-res (high-definition image) data using the Highlight Editing function, confirm the camera recorder information including position information, transmit metadata to the camera recorders, and centrally manage the camera recorders by remote setup. All these add up to a workflow revolution and innovation.
P2 Cast offers a complete package of solutions that are required for today’s newsgathering and production — such as speed, low cost, high quality, management, and more.

SPEEDYNear live broadcasting
The P2 camera recorders upload proxy (low bitrate) clips to the P2 Cast Cloud automatically and sequentially while shooting and recording. The newsroom editor and other staff members connected to the P2 Cast Cloud can access the clips immediately for near live news reporting. Live feeds are also possible with the P2SS (P2 Streaming Server). Furthermore, the P2 Cast Mobile app available from Panasonic enables the uploading of videos from smartphones. P2 Cast allows flexible news production using a greater range of news footage.


High-quality HD news image sources

Proxy clips have a low bitrate suitable for transmission and previewing. In addition, they offer a high-resolution HD mode so that captured images can be used directly for the delivery of breaking news. Using the Highlight Editing function, newsroom staff can perform cutting and editing work, and also remotely operate the camera recorders to obtain high-res data of only the necessary scenes, thus accelerating the workflow. 


This achieves speedy news production using high-quality images.

Automated operation allows the crew to focus on image acquisition

There is no special operation to be performed by the news gathering crew for using P2 Cast. The camera operator can shoot images in the same way as before because the images are automatically uploaded, and metadata input, camera recorder management and control of cuts can be performed remotely in the newsroom. This allows the camera operator to concentrate on shooting, thus resulting in higher-quality news images. It also improves reliability because there is a backup of image data on the cloud. P2 Cast expands the scope of single-person news gathering to a great extent.


Central management of camera recorders

Newsgathering camera recorders can be managed centrally via P2 Cast. There is no limit to the number of camera recorders that can be registered. In the newsroom, images captured by multiple camera recorders can be previewed, and clip metadata (program name, reporter name, reporting data/time, reporting site information, etc.) can be transmitted to the individual camera recorders for registration. In addition, the camera recorder locations can be displayed on a map based on GPS information. P2 Cast enables camera recorder setting and firmware updating all at once via the cloud.


Contributes to the reduction of total cost

Since P2 Cast uses an ordinary communication line, it enables live broadcasting and file transfer from a site where an OB van or helicopter cannot be dispatched. This also helps to lower communication expenses. In the newsroom, P2 Cast links to the existing NLE and news systems to eliminate extra processes and expedite program production. Use of the P2 Cast Cloud reduces both equipment and operations and contributes to a reduction of overall cost for the broadcasting operation.

P2 Cast Workflow

Automated uploading of camera recorder images to the cloud in real time

High-res clips and proxy clips

The P2 camera recorders/portable recorders are equipped with a dual codec recording function that simultaneously records images in two clips. The main high-res (high image quality) clip is recorded by an AVC-Intra or AVC-LongG codec, and the sub-clip is a proxy clip with a low data rate. Either the main clip or sub-clip can be selected according to the required image quality and data rate.

Stream uploading of shot images

P2 Cast enabled P2 camera recorders/portable recorders are provided with a function to upload video while it is being recorded locally. This function automatically uploads clips and data in the background. The clips/data can also be stored in a memory card or played back while the data is transferred. In the event the network connection or power is cut off during the data transfer, the transfer operation resumes immediately after the network connection or power is restored. This allows the camera operators to concentrate on shooting without being bothered by uploading operations.

Near live uploading

There are two data uploading modes. In one mode, recorded clips are automatically transferred. The other is a mode that can be used for near live broadcasting. In the near live mode, image data is split into 2 minute files, and those proxy video data files are automatically and sequentially uploaded to the P2 Cast Cloud. The files can be previewed on a WWW browser. After the shooting/recording is finished, the data is merged into one clip on the P2 Cast Cloud.

Convenient single dongle, flexible network connection

The P2 camera recorders are designed to accommodate either the AJ-WM50*1/WM30*1 wireless module or 4G/LTE modem*2 inside the main unit. Since there is no need for an external transmission device for connection to a network, nimble news gathering is possible.
The P2 camera recorders also have wired LAN connectivity and bonding connectivity. So, the most suitable connection method can be selected according to the available network environment.

*1: Not available in some areas.
*2: For details, refer to “Notes Regarding Network Functions”.

Sharing and editing of video by multiple staff members as well as remote management of camera recorders

Sharing of proxy clips on P2 Cast Cloud

Proxy video data/clips uploaded on the P2 Cast Cloud can be shared by a number of staff members. They can also be accessed from anywhere using a WWW browser on a notebook PC or tablet. There is no limit to the number of users that can be registered. The authority to access individual functions, such as previews, downloading, deletion and metadata registration, can be set for each member. The levels of access authority can be managed in groups.

Highlight Editing and high-res clip transfer

Using the P2 Cast WWW browser, proxy video being recorded by a news gathering camera recorder can be previewed and EDL data containing IN/OUT points can be created. By sending the EDL to the P2 camera recorder/portable recorder, specified cuts can be made from the main high-res clip and transferred. This data can be uploaded to the P2 Cast Cloud or to a specified server by means of FTP. The Highlight Editing function dramatically reduces the time it takes for previewing, editing and obtaining high-res news image sources.

Monitoring of camera recorder status and position information*

The P2 Cast WWW browser displays the P2 camera recorder/portable-recorder status (network connection, thumbnails, camera operator, recording condition, media mounting condition, battery power level) for easy confirmation. Using the GPS function* of the camera recorders, the camera recorder locations can be displayed on a map. This allows accurate positioning of the crew members for efficient news gathering.

*When using P2 camera recorders equipped with the GPS function (AJ-PX5000G, AJ-PX270)

Remote metadata editing

Clip metadata (program name, reporter name, reporting date/time, reporting site information, etc.) can be edited using the P2 Cast WWW browser and remotely registered in the video clip recorded by the camera recorder. Creating and managing all metadata in the newsroom ensures higher reliability than when using conventional SD memory cards, and also allows quicker response to changes made immediately before acquisition. News information can also be recorded as metadata when linked with the news system.

Remote camera recorder setting

The menu setting of the P2 camera recorder/portable recorder can be remotely operated by using the P2 Cast WWW browser. The firmware of the P2 camera recorders/portable recorders can also be updated via P2 Cast. This allows efficient management of many P2 camera recorder/recorder units without omission.

Collectively manage the camcorder’s menu settings via the cloud

P2 Cast System & Partners

Systems and partners that expand P2 Cast applications

P2SS (P2 Streaming Server): Full-HD streaming delivery

The P2 camera recorders can transmit Full-HD streaming video while shooting and recording. The original QoS (Quality of Service) mode optimizes the bitrate according to the condition of the communication line so that stable streaming distribution can be maintained even when the communication band narrows.
A server installed with the P2 Streaming Server software (for Windows; Mac not supported) is used as the receiver server. The GUI is designed for intuitive operation, and a variety of input and output terminals are provided for added versatility.
Although the P2SS can be used as a dedicated system for streaming distribution, combining it with P2 Cast provides greater benefits in equipment operation, such as IP connection setting and camera recorder management.

Example of P2 Streaming Server

P2 Cast Bridge: Direct connection to the newsroom

P2 Cast Bridge is plug-in software that directly connects P2 Cast to nonlinear editor, News Automation, and Media Asset Management systems. This makes it possible for nonlinear editors to directly access and edit proxy video data on the P2 Cast Cloud. By connecting the News Automation and Media Asset Management systems to P2 Cast, the link with video footage and equipment is further enhanced without having to change the station’s existing workflow.
Panasonic also supplies each partner company with a P2 Cast Web API (SDK) for smooth development of supporting P2 Cast cloud. This supports P2 Cast for more systems and more users.

P2 Cast Bridge development completed (beta version)

Example of Adobe Premiere Pro (+ P2 Cast Bridge)

Example of Avid Media Composer (+ P2 Cast Bridge)

P2 Cast Mobile: Connection of smartphone cameras to P2 Cast/P2SS

P2 Cast Mobile is an app that allows the use of videos recorded by smartphones as news footage. If an unexpected event occurs, a smartphone can be used to quickly capture the scene for use as a news image source. While the smartphone is capturing the image, P2 Cast Mobile uploads the image data to P2 Cast or transmits streaming data to the P2SS. It also supports P2 Cast Highlight Editing and metadata editing. Clips recorded by the app can be saved on the iPhone’s camera roll.

*See the following App Store for information on the P2 Cast Mobile operating environment.
• App Store is a registered service mark of Apple Inc.
• iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

*Picture simulated.

LiveU, TVU: Compatibility with bonding connection services

Panasonic has established specifications in partnership with LiveU and TVU Networks. By combining the devices offered by the two companies with a news gathering camera recorder, data can be transmitted concurrently over multiple lines (bonding). This achieves more stable live streaming of high-quality image data to the P2SS. It also improves the transfer speed and stability when uploading proxy clip files or Highlight files to P2 Cast. In addition, the LiveU/TVU device status is displayed in the camera’s viewfinder for real-time confirmation of the network connection condition.

Example of the viewfinder display in the bonding connection state


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