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Power and Connectors

It’s difficult to get excited about cables – but unfortunately, the right person for the job is inevitably the person with the right cable. In line with our mantra of full flexibility and full connectivity, we provide a number of cabling options to give you full operational control.

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  • AtomOne Power Cable: The power connector is a Hirose male HR10 6 pin connector on the one side and
    on the other side a Power ITT Male M-XL-3-12L and a RS485 ITT Female M-XL-3-11L. Cable length: 2m
  • AtomOne Power Suplly: Power cable to ITT Female M-XL-3-11L. Cable length: 1,8m
  • RS485 to USB: By using a RS485 to USB converter the Windows ProVideo software can be used to
    configure the camera with an easy to use GUI. All commands are text based. Details can be found in the
    “ATOM one – Reference Manual”. Cable length: 25cm
  • Mini HD-SDI to SDI Cable: Mini HDSDI to HDSDI. Cable length: 3m
  • SSM500 Power Cable: For power and control,a Hirose male HR10A-10R-10PB on the one side and on the
    other side a PowerXLR 4-pin male6-wire AWG 26 Power cable and a RS485ITT FemaleM-XL-3-11L6-wire
    AWG 26 RS422 cable.
  • SSM500/Barracuda Power Supply: Power cable to XLR 4-pin.


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