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Haivision Pro460 Most Reliable 4K UHD & 4 Channel HD Bonded Cellular & IP Encoder & Transmitter for Remote Production & REMI

The RACK Series is a range of video encoders designed for space-constrained live production, including contribution applications and multi-camera remote/at-home productions. The RACK Series is designed to be deployed in fixed locations, directly connected on wired IP networks, offering a real cost-effective alternative to satellite or fiber.


Lead the Way with Pro460, a Super Fast Live Video Transmitter

Pro460 is the most reliable 4K UHD and 4 channel HD bonded cellular and IP encoder transmitter for At-Home Production and REMI.

  • The Ideal Field Encoder and Transmitter for Contribution and Remote Production over Managed and Unmanaged Networks
  • The groundbreaking 4K/UHD mobile transmitter over 5G covers newsgathering, sports, and live events.
  • Ideal for backpack or on-camera mounting.

The Pro Series of field encoders and transmitters mount between the camera and battery. Camera operators prefer to be untethered from a backpack. With the PRO Series, the camera field encoder and the battery is cleanly integrated. This is the preferred configuration for Remote Sports Production.

The PRro460 is the next evolution of our Pro bonded cellular transmitter series for remote and at-home video production over 5G networks!

Haivision Pro460 Mobile Encoder

  • 4K/UHD video transmission
  • Multi-camera workflows for up to 4 HD sources
  • 6 internal 5G modems
  • 8 audio channels for high-end productions
  • Down to 0.2-sec latency
  • The smallest on-the-go encoder
  • CSI winner in the “Best 5G or mobile video technology” category

Covering more events with simplified logistics and minimal on-site staff requirements is now a reality with our new PRO460.

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PRO380 Bonded Cellular Field Encoder

The PRO Series of field encoders and transmitters mount between the camera and battery.


In The Field, On The Air

The PRO Series is our range of mobile video encoders and transmitters designed for newsgathering and live event production (sports, concerts, ceremonies …). It combines pristine 4K/UHD or multi-camera production in HD with mission-critical transmission from anywhere worldwide.

Beyond audio/video transmission, the PRO Series offers advanced features to facilitate production such as low latency video return, full-duplex intercom with the studio, IP Databridge for remote control of cameras, tally light system, or any other IP device.

Use less data, reduce latency, maximize reliability with PRO Series.

Designed for Remote Production

  • Video return
  • Automatic Live Start
  • Bi-directional IFB Intercom
  • Camera Remote Control
  • Remote latency configuration
  • Multi-camera synchronization
  • Simultaneous Live and IP traffic
  • Supports six 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, WIFI, and 2 LAN connections
  • Supports CBRS (Citizen Broadband Radio Service) Band 48 3.5GHz Private LTE


Designed for Remote Production


Breaking the Rules of Sports Remote Production

The RACK Series is a game-changer for remote sports production workflows, speeding up production and reducing costs and complexity. Designed to offer unmatched flexibility, robustness, and remote operability, the RACK Series delivers pristine video quality with the latest generation of UHD/HD H.265/HEVC encoders. It supports advanced, low-latency remote productions by allowing you to send perfectly synchronized high-resolution video streams (1080p50/60) from multiple or a single device thanks to our multi-camera support (up to 4).

Save money and space with this 1U half-rack encoder. The RACK Series is delivered “as-a-box” but can be rack-mounted with dedicated kits to accommodate one or two units in 1U.


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Premium 4K UHD Live Transmission

PRO4 offers the highest-quality video performance and the latest generation of HEVC encoders for pristine HD and UHD video transmission, with a 0.5-second latency.

The doubly Emmy® awarded SST simultaneously aggregates multiple network connections, dynamically adapts the video bitrate according to the network bandwidth fluctuations, protects stream content, and supports retransmission of lost data.

Designed for Remote Production

  • 4K UHD video transmission
  • Multi-camera workflows for up to 4 HD sources
  • Frame accurate genlock and lip sync
  • 8 audio channels for high-end productions
  • Down to 0.5-sec latency
  • HD video return
  • Camera (or any other IP device) remote control
  • Tally light


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Live and Automatic Record

Equipped with a user-friendly, intuitive touchscreen, the encoder offers premium quality live video broadcast over bonded IP networks: 3G/4G/5G, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks such as BGAN, GX and Ka-Band. Powered by the double Emmy® award-winning SST technology, the RACK encoder offers ultra-reliable transmission on any network, thanks to an intelligent IP-bonding stack.

Automatically and simultaneously record your live on an SD card at different resolutions and bitrate to ensure the best video quality.



Automatic Live Start

The Automatic Live Start function, a.k.a “Zero Touch” function, allows to start automatically a live operation when the unit is powered up and a video source is detected.

It is a must-have feature for equipment based on remote locations without easy access.


Video Return & Intercom

Directly receive and watch on-air programs, teleprompter information coming from the studio on your RACK Series. Just connect a small display on the RACK’s HDMI output. No other configuration is required. It’s plug-and-play!

The RACK Series also provides two-way audio communication between the producer, the production crews, and the on-air talent through a seamless and robust intercom.

Video Return & Intercom

Multi-Camera Synchronisation

Cover more events with more flexibility and reduced costs with PRO4.

The PRO4 takes your Remote Production to the next level with 4 frame-synced HD feeds combined with remote control of any IP-based equipment. Complex remote productions are possible with PRO4 thanks to its worldwide compliant 4G/5G cellular modems paired with high-efficiency internal antennas.

Multi-Camera Synchronization


Camera Remote Control

Turn your PRO Series into a mobile data bridge and remotely control any PTZ or professional cameras while being live. The camera remote control from the Studio becomes easy and efficient thanks to our ultra-low latency and robust connectivity.

Less equipment is required in the field saving significant costs. 

Remote Control



Mission Centric

The PRO Series is natively designed to integrate your Story-centric workflow, helping you manage the entire lifecycle of your video assets (planning, acquisition, indexing, storage, retrieval, processing, packaging, delivery and archiving).

Haivision provides an agnostic solution and smooth integration, which is essential for effective content monetization and thus the commercial viability of media-centric organizations.


Professional Services

Your video contribution solution is key to your business achievement and your mission is crucial.

Our team of experts is committed to providing the best customer experience and support throughout the duration of your project. We offer a 24/7 global support service, Roaming Solution, and provide a geographically distributed team of engineers.

Professional Services


PRO Series to cover all your needs





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