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PTZ Control Center


PTZ Control Center

Control multiple PTZ Cameras from PC.
Improve operability with upgrading software (Ver.1.1.21)

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PTZ Control CenterFree software

Key features:

  • Centralized management of multiple PTZ cameras
  • The camera’s pan, tilt, zoom and other camera functions can be controlled from the GUI screen
  • Camera preset buttons with thumbnails (Register/Recall/Delete of up to 9 points)
  • Camera picture quality adjustment
  • Simultaneous control of multiple cameras (Focus/Iris/Gain/White balance/Shutter/ND Filter)
  • Camera Micro SD card recording Start/Stop (Only for cameras that support SD card recording)
  • Limits functions by administrator authentication
  • Copies setting data between multiple PCs
  • Automatic camera discovery and network setting
  • Full screen display of H.264 streaming Ver. 1.1.10
  • Touch panel support Ver. 1.1.10
  • Quick and simple zoom operation to specified range by using touch panel or dragging with a mouse Ver. 1.1.10
  • Zoom control with a mouse wheel Ver. 1.1.10
  • Camera control with keyboard Ver. 1.1.10
  • Pan, tilt and zoom control with a game controller (USB joystick) Ver. 1.1.10

3 modes of Main GUI

1. PTZ Camera Standalone

Intuitive and easy operation on PC display

2. PTZ Camera + Panoramic still picture

Pan/Tilt control of live video is possible just by touching the panoramic still picture taken in advance. This enables the sudden change of shooting angles even in broad area.

3. PTZ Camera + Control Assist Camera (AW-HEA10W/K)

Pan/Tilt control of live video is possible by touching the wide video shot by the Control Assist Camera AW-HEA10W/K. This enables the sudden change of shooting angles even in broad area.

Camera View GUI with max. of 16 cameras

Zoom quickly and simply by using touch panel or mouse wheelVer. 1.1.10

Mouse zoom

When using a mouse, move the cursor over an image then simply move the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out.

Range-specified zoom

Possible to zoom in and out with fingers to specified range by using touch panel (Both Upper and lower image). When the range is specified using the mouse, left click and drag.

Support commercially available game controller (USB joystick)
for camera controlVer. 1.1.10

[Main supported operations]

  • PTZ camera pan, tilt and zoom
  • Preset call
  • Changing the selected camera

[Joystick/button-assigned operations]

  • X Axis: Pan
  • Y Axis: Tilt
  • Possible to operate Pan/Tilt speed setting zoom, and preset recall according to button number and change selected camera

* These features are supported with DirectInput type of USB joystick. If a joystick is switchable between Xinput and DirectInput, chose DirectInput


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