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Vantiva QAM20

Distribution of content typically requires the use of an Edge QAM device to distribute digital content using an RF cable network. The QAM20 is designed specifically for the COM3000 and fits perfectly into the bottom slot of the COM400 chassis. It provides for sixteen channels of QAM and can modulate 48 HD streams of DIRECTV.  Although you can install two QAM20 Edge QAMs in a COM3000 this will only be needed for high levels of local content insertion or 4K content.

The QAM20 can be easily upgraded to an max of 48 QAM, two at a time using a SWQAM2 key which can be applied to the device. This allows you to maximize the efficiency of the Edge QAM for many specific application.

External content from IP sources can be routed through the QAM20 for RF distribution. This includes content from external sources such as a PC, video camera, or other IP converter.



  • DIRECTV™: Supports up to 3 HD programs per QAM
  • Able to mix HD and SD content on and QAM channel
  • Accepts MPEG over IP content from external sources
  • 2 Channel software license purchase available to upgrade to a maximum of 48 total QAM channel


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