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Quantum H4000 Essential, 25Gb Ethernet with Cables, 192TB Raw Capacity (12x16TB), 160TB Usable Capacity (145.51TiB), NL-SAS HDD, Non-SED, Includes Three Year Subscription, Three Year Bronze (5x9xNBD) Warranty

The ‘ready to create’ asset management and shared storage solution for every creative team.

The First All-in-One Asset Management, Shared Storage, and Team Collaboration Solution
At last, independent creative teams of 4-10 users can have their own integrated content indexing, asset management, and shared storage solution powered by Quantum StorNext® and CatDV. Built on StorNext 7 and the award-winning H4000 shared storage system, the H4000 Essential gives you shared storage for your entire team, and integrates CatDV to handle your content indexing and collaboration to keep your projects on track and delivered with confidence. Best of all, it’s available at a ground-breaking price, is ready to use within minutes of powering up, and is ready to expand with your team’s needs.

Instant Indexing and Collaboration
Organize your team’s content and projects how you like on H4000 Essential shared storage – and CatDV swings into action – automatically creating catalogs, extracting file metadata, making proxies, filmstrips, and thumbnails to generate browsable and searchable indexes that your whole teams sees instantly, whether they are in your facility or working remotely.

Once indexed, it’s time to get to work –annotate, markup, grade, and tag your shots, add keywords and custom tags, group your shots into collections or meta-clips, chat, and message other team members, even review and approve work.

Powerful, Integrated Shared Storage
Your team’s storage is powered by StorNext 7, which has been intelligently integrated with CatDV with simple, powerful management that’s easy to use. By simply adding a new team member to CatDV, your new user can immediately mount shared storage from Mac, Windows, or Linux clients, and upload content for everyone to use. With the same credentials, log into CatDV to see the new indexed assets or use the CatDV panel inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

Start with 48 TB or 96 TB of raw storage in a single system – connect with 10 GbE and higher connections to edit up to 4K resolution projects directly on the system. You can add up to three additional expansion systems that give you more performance and capacity to support more simultaneous editors and higher stream counts.

System Architecture and Design
2U dual-controller, converged system with failover for block storage and StorNext environment, fully redundant power and cooling.

Controller Hardware
Each controller has dedicated high core count and high clock speed AMD Server CPUs, 128 GB of RAM, dual NVMe boot drives on PCIe4.

Storage and Drives
12 hard-drives per system pre-formatted in RAID 6.

2 quad-port 25 GbE network cards, one per controller, with 2 ports of 25 GbE connection available for client network. All cables included to connect to 25 GbE or 10 GbE network.

Expansion Options
Supports up to 3 SAS expansion systems on main system of 48 TB or 96 TB each.

Everything’s ‘In The Box’
Simply unpack, rack, and power up. Scan the QR Code to start your setup, and within minutes your team can start using shared storage, asset management, and collaboration tools to keep all your projects on track.

Simple, Powerful Content Indexing and Organization
Organize and copy your content to your H4000 Essential to immediately generate catalogs of your content in CatDV with automatic proxy, thumbnail, and filmstrip generation.

Build Your Team
Create up to 10 unified user accounts as you need them – the same credentials let users mount shared storage on their system. And log into CatDV via a web interface and Adobe Premiere CatDV panel to browse, tag, and collaborate on your shared projects and assets.

Archive Options
Add the optional Quantum CatDV H4000 Essential Archive Plugin or CatDV Backblaze Plugin to easily archive finished projects – then recall them as needed directly in the CatDV interface.


Form Factor
2U rack-mounted chassis

Controller Design
Dual Controller with Failover, Dual Redundant Power and Cooling

Processors and Memory
1 AMD 24-Core CPU with 128 GB RAM per controller

System Bus PCIe

Storage Drives

Drive Capacity Options
4 TB, 8 TB

Single System Raw Capacity
48 TB, 96 TB

Single System Usable Capacity
40 TB, 80 TB

1 Quad-Port 25 Gb Ethernet per Controller
(2x 25 Gb Ethernet for local connection)

Physical Dimensions
Height 3.43” (87 mm)
Width 17.7” (450 mm)
Depth 24.2” (614 mm)
Weight 63 lbs (28.58 kg)

Power Supply Input
1300 W AC redundant

Operating Temperature
0 °C to 35 °C (32 °F to 95 °F)

Non-Operating Temperature
-20 °C to 70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F)

Operating Relative Humidity
5% to 95% non-condensing

  • Quantum H4000 Essential
  • 25Gb Ethernet with Cables
  • 192TB Raw Capacity (12x16TB)
  • 160TB Usable Capacity (145.51TiB)
  • Includes Three Year Subscription
  • Three Year Bronze (5x9xNBD) Warranty


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