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Quicklink TX (Skype TX) Professionally receive broadcast-grade Skype & Teams calls

Available in industry standard compact 1U supporting a single HD Skype or Microsoft Teams call. The award winning Quicklink TX is the most feature rich Skype TX calling solution on the market, even supporting 4K upscaling.

Product Highlights

  • One professional SD/HD SDI input/output with Genlock
  • Additional HDMI and analogue video input/output
  • 4K resolution upscaling
  • Supports both I/O for NewTek NDI™
  • Near silent running
  • Skype TX controller software with control console
  • Ultra low delay: For instantaneous 2 way video/audio contributions
  • Video and audio free from adverts
  • Aspect ratio correction method: Scale your SDI input picture to your requested resolution
  • Customizable tally or information graphic overlay back to return caller
  • Talkback: Switch between 3 different audio sources
  • Screen sharing capability
  • Auto-Answer function
  • Embedded SDI audio (16 Channel in hardware)
  • Balanced analogue and embedded SDI audio
  • AES/EBU Audio
  • Colour Correction and HD Recording Function

Skype TX Controller

The Skype TX controller software enables broadcasters and content producers to manage multiple Quicklink TX units from a single user interface. The Skype TX controller now includes live video previews, remote setting controls and integration with Skype and Teams contacts.

Find Skype/Teams contacts and start calls easily

By searching the Skype and Microsoft Teams directory you can add users to your shared contacts so you are ready to place calls on any one of your TX units. You can see the callers and add them as favourite when they are regular contributors.

Every tool you need to manage and monitor your calls

  • The mini-video preview features let you compare all your live calls side-by-side
  • The live inbound and outbound call quality indicator helps to monitor audio and video signals
  • The caller snapshot function can be shown automatically if the call quality falls below a pre-set level.
  • Manage multiple calls/units from one interface.
Skype TX Controller Application

The Quicklink TX Workflow Applications

The Quicklink TX can be used to both send and receive Skype & Teams calls within various workflows depending on your requirements.

Talk shows: Skype & Teams users sending to the Quicklink TX

Any Skype or Teams client using any video-enabled device can connect and send audio and video to the Quicklink TX. Users simply connect with their regular account.

Remote Studios: The Quicklink TX sending to the Quicklink TX

The Quicklink TX unit can be used to both send and receive audio/video via the SDI or HDMI I/O. This is ideal if you have multiple production sites. By using two Quicklink TX you are able to have studio grade HD/SDI to HD/SDI 2-ways.

Conferences:  The Quicklink TX sending to a Skype or Teams client

Send a high quality professional stream to a Skype or Teams client for viewing on a laptop or monitor. You can share your screen back to the Skype or Teams client which is ideal when discussing important documents. The Quicklink TX even allows the addition of Tally or graphical information overlays on the return video back to the caller.

Extend your contributor reach with the Quicklink Studio upgrade option


  • No software downloaded needed for contributors
  • 2 Channel, full-duplex audio
  • Instant SMS or email guest invites
  • Single click-to-air with no logins required
  • Unlimited contributors from any device using a simple web browser
  • High bandwidth usage for quality AV
  • Optional customization with own branding


Technical Information

Quicklink TX
Bi-directional HD Microsoft Teams/Skype calls 1
10-bit SD/HD-SDI Video and SDI Embedded Audio Input/Output 1 input
1 output
HDMI Video and Audio Input/Output 1 / 1
Analog Video Input/Output 1 / 1
Balanced XLR (line) audio input/output 4 / 4
Video and audio over IP via NDI with secondary independent output. Dante/Livewire+ AES67 Audio over IP Support * ✓ *
Genlock/Sync Reference Input
4K Upscaling
Hardware Unit Height 1U


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