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Flexible, Affordable Video Review & Analysis 

When you compare official and coach review systems in the market, the Simplylive RefBox offers users the most flexible set of options.

The RefBox review system has all the essential capabilities that you’d expect in a typical “review” system for officials on the courts or coaches in the locker rooms. Up to 25 cameras are in sync. It’s easy to swipe through a shot on the touch-screen UI. Just touch the screen to select multiple angles to compare. Then pinch and zoom into the shot. Easily step through the action frame by frame on the screen.

The biggest difference between RefBox and other review systems is that you can run other Simplylive applications on the same platform. That means on Friday, the system can be used for referee review at the basketball game. On Saturday the system can be used as an All-In-One production system for the football game. During the week, the coaches can analyze players performance back on RefBox. What if you need both live production capability and official review at the same time? Yes, Simplylive gives you the most powerful tools in the market to manage both critical tasks.  
Flexibility becomes an understatement when you add in RefBox’s scalability and ability to allow multiple users to work with the same footage at the same time. No other review system comes close.

Unique Benefits to RefBox Users

  • Much more than a Ref and Coach Review system – RefBox is a great system for review, but depending on what application layers you have, your system can be a RefBox one day, and an All-In-One system the next. And depending what ViBox Server you have, you can have multiple apps working on the same system at the same time. *
  • Easy to Use and Navigate – Your operators will appreciate RefBox’s intuitive interface. It runs on the same Simplylive Smart Design touch-screen interface found in all Simplylive application layers.   Learn and operate RefBox in just a few minutes.
  • Operate quickly when you need to make the right call – All cameras are in sync on the RefBox, making it extremely easy to isolate the camera angles you need. Once you have the right view, pinch and zoom into a shot and see the action up close.  And if you have a 4K RefBox, you have even higher resolution images to zoom extra close for pristine clarity.
  • Operators and reviewers can work wherever they want – With RefBox, you can have an operator upstairs in the booth running the UI with a monitor down on the floor where the Refs are viewing critical angles. You can have multiple operators working with the same footage, and multiple monitors for your reviewers. *
  • Have all the angles you need at your fingertips – Network multiple ViBox Servers together to give your RefBox operator as many as 25 different in sync angles to choose from and analyze. **
  • Review footage when you need to…on or off the field – With RefBox, it’s easy to export footage and clips out of the system for offline reviewing and then easily import back into RefBox for review at a later date. 
  • GHT UI for Steward Review  – RefBox is also available with our optional GHT user interface – a powerful yet easy to use UI designed specifically for Steward Review of Greyhound, Harness, and Thoroughbred racing. 

* Multi-user/application operation can only be done with systems equipped with either V16/8 Server or V4-4K Server for 3-user workflows, or the V12 Sever for a 2-user workflow.
* Multi-server expandability only available on systems equipped with the V16/8 Server or the V4-4K server.

RefBox System Choices

RefBox 16
16 source inputs
Multi-user capable
Multi-server expandable for additional source cameras

RefBox 4K
4 source inputs
Multi-user capable

Multi-server expandable for additional source cameras

RefBox 8
8 source inputs
Most portable w/ ViBox Mini Server
Remote workflow capable

RefBox 4
4 source inputs
Affordable portability
w/ ViBox Mini Server
Remote workflow capable

Key Features in all RefBox Systems

  • Super Motion Recording
  • Multiple Layouts Selections
  • All Angles Pinch & Zoom
  • Browse, Search & Play @ Different Speeds
  • Remote Workflow Capable
  • Multiple Users
  • Flexible User Roles
  • Network to Servers for Sharing
  • Export to Multiple Formats 
  • Picture in Picture (PiP) Clock Overlay Option
  • Keywords and Logging
  • Remote Controller Options

The RefBox User Interface

GHT User Interface for Steward Review

RefBox Networked Workflow Example

RefBox Remote Central Review Workflow Example

ViBox RefBox Servers 
Choose the best ViBox Server for your RefBox system.

V4-4K Server
Built for 4K RefBox workflows
Multi-server expandable  

V16/8 Server
16 or 8 channel I/O
Up to 3-user workflows
Multi-server expandable

V12 Server
Up to 12 channel I/O
Up to 2-user workflows

V Mini Server
Most affordable & portable for RefBox 8 or 4 single-user

V Micro Server
Built for a single-source downstream review