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Remote Commentary

Integrate high-quality commentators from any location worldwide

Enable remote commentators and casters to view real-time, high-quality video and audio of your event while providing commentary from the comfort of their home.

Using Quicklink’s sync-technology, synchronise your remote commentary with your program with ease!

Single or collaborative commentary – achieve it all!

Add value to your events through content localisation by allowing multiple commentators to commentate on your event in any language.

Single or collaborative commentary in multiple languages – Quicklink’s Remote Commentary can achieve it all.

Comprehensive audio management tools for achieving perfect commentary

Achieve perfect commentary with remote audio management for level control, balance, mute/unmute and syncing with your event.

Remote Commentary that seamlessly fits into any workflow

Quicklink’s Remote Commentary solution is the Swiss-army knife of remote commentary solutions, and fits seamlessly into any workflow.

Available as software, hardware or cloud, utilise Quicklink’s high-quality remote contribution solutions, high-level of remote guest control, broadcast-grade production tool or broadcast-grade hardware for the perfect event workflow.

Remote Commentary Workflows


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