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[ Rental ] Haivision StreamHub Advanced Receiver and Distribution Server & Cloud Platform

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World’s Most Advanced Live Video Receiver, Decoder, and Distribution Server & Cloud Platform

Haivision StreamHub can receive, decode, and distribute live video streams coming from any Haivision/Haivision mobile transmitter or third-party system.

StreamHub is a range of powerful broadcast-grade receivers used to receive, decode, and distribute live video streams coming from any Haivision Transmitter.

Haivision StreamHub can be deployed as an in-house 1U server or as a cloud service, bringing simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency to any live sports production, newsgathering, or video distribution organization.

Receive, Decode, and Distribute

Designed from the ground as an open platform, it can also support and process streams coming from third-party equipment, with support of SRT, RTMP, TS over IP, NDI, HLS, and others. Supporting point-to-point and multipoint distribution, it can receive, transcode, and distribute a live stream to multiple locations and environments.

Featuring a wide range of single rack unit 1U hardware server platforms, bringing simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency to any news or sports live video production organization.

  • Field-proven reliable hardware or cloud streaming platform.
  • A modern and intuitive user interface for seamless operation.
  • Feature-rich solution for today and tomorrow’s streaming, broadcast, news, sports, and at-home production workflows.
  • Compact high-density design.

Video Receiver, Decoder & Transcoder

The StreamHub packs a rich set of input IP protocols and can receive up to 16 concurrent incoming Safe Stream Transport (SST) streams from remote Haivision encoders or transmitters (PRO Series, RACK Series, AIR Series, HE4000, MOJOPRO) or third-party systems through RTMP, RTSP, RTP, SRT, NDI, HLS, TS/IP streaming protocols.

Up to 8 videos can be simultaneously decoded thanks to 8 SDI outputs with a Genlock input. It also features video encoding and transcoding capability, allowing to adapt incoming feeds to the desired output format.

Point to Point & Point to Multipoint Distribution

The StreamHub offers multiple output streaming protocols (Haivision’s SST, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP/RTP, HLS, TS/IP, SRT, NDI) allowing video contents to be freely distributed over virtually any IP network.

Up to 32 IP outputs are supported to re-stream the video contents over LAN or WAN to CDNs, Media Servers, Streaming Platforms, Social Networks, IRDs or other StreamHub units.

Live and File-based Workflows

In addition, to live workflows, the StreamHub receiver allows you to manage your file-based workflows. Video content files can be sent from Haivision transmitters and securely stored on the StreamHub receivers or an external location thanks to the automatic FTP push functionality.

The StreamHub combines the functions of a live video recorder and a file transcoder, enabling video professionals to efficiently adapt video files to each environment.


Video Return & Intercom

Easily send on-air programs to operators in the field, teleprompter information coming from the studio, or live content received from other Haivision transmitters. Any live content received by a StreamHub receiver can be sent to any Haivision transmitters connected. No other equipment is required.  The StreamHub enables Control Room operators to communicate with remote journalists and Field-operators over up to 16 independent two-way audio channels.


StreamHub is now vendor-agnostic with third-party transmitters

The new software version of our iconic StreamHub transceiver is now vendor-agnostic and universally compatible with third-party transmitters. Using StreamHub, you can receive transmissions from various types of transmitters, enabling you to quickly, easily, and simultaneously share high-quality live content with multiple affiliates or other broadcast facilities.

The StreamHub provides you with a scalable and tailored video solution for managing and sharing live streams from multiple transmitters via a single interface. With StreamHub, you can manage multiple streams and distribute them to multiple affiliates from a single point of control. Having the power to interconnect to numerous third-party live transmission tools instantaneously saves your time and money.

Knowing that you are often on the go and working from remote locations, StreamHub offers a web-based user interface with a video thumbnail view. This tool allows you to build a live video multiview composed with all input streams, which can be fed to affiliates. The multiview can be enriched with overlay information for each source, such as audio level and transmitter name. The main advantage of this capability is that it reduces data while feeding affiliates with multiple streams, allowing affiliates to choose a primary feed from those available.

“By streamlining their production workflow and optimizing costs with our flagship StreamHub transceiver, broadcasters can offer an increased amount of live video content and boost viewer engagement. During a live event, broadcasters need to ensure there is no delay. Viewers do not want to miss a second of the action, especially for live sports. Choosing Haivision’s live video solution with state-of-the-art HEVC encoding will ensure high-quality video at minimum bit rates with low latency.”

Ronan Poullaouec, chief technology officer at Haivision


StreamHub features our patented and Emmy® Award-winning SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol, which reliably combines multiple algorithms, including FEC, ARQ, and VBR rate control, to provide a high quality of service. StreamHub’s universality enables it to support a variety of streaming protocols, such as RTMP, RTSP/RTP, HLS and TS/IP, to ensure that broadcasters can freely distribute video content over the public internet and virtually any IP networks, including 3G, 4G, and 5G.

Haivision’s transceiver can be deployed on-premises or operated as a cloud-based service tailored to any news or live video production organization’s workflow and operational constraints, making it ideally suited for today’s ever-evolving multiscreen video delivery world.



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