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Ross Cloud Production

Broadcast-Quality Production in the Cloud

We’re taking the same technology that drives the most demanding live productions on the planet and putting it in the cloud. Using interface and control systems you are already familiar with, unlock more efficient and flexible production for corporate events, keynotes, conferences, and more, all powered by the cloud.


Flexible Production. From Anywhere. Without Sacrifice.

Ross Production Cloud is an end-to-end live production solution that allows you to produce content with the same newsroom and asset management you rely on in your existing productions. Collaborate seamlessly with a powerful virtual production switcher, graphics engine and audio mixer, all managed using the world’s leading automated production control system.

Hybrid Production and Workflows

Move your entire workflow to the cloud or distribute it across on-premises virtualized servers and purpose-built hyperconverged hardware — or you can build your base capabilities on-premises and expand into the cloud as needed.

Bringing Teams Together

Create and produce content from anywhere with an internet connection. Your studio, control room, and newsroom can be accessed from anyplace on earth, ingesting remote sources and running the show on-location or from home.

Experiment With New Formats

Experiment with very little up-front investment thanks to flexible licensing and subscription-based options. Deploy an entire studio and control room workflow, add new capabilities, or expand your production capabilities for larger events simply.

Security in the Cloud

Utilize encrypted connections, user authentication and role-based access control to protect your content and your production. Legacy broadcast protocols are wrapped in new authentication and encryption to address even the most heightened security needs.

Flexible Licensing and Deployment

Choose perpetual or subscription licensing for all products. Multiple deployment methods are available including utilizing your own cloud account or partially on-premise. Move existing on-prem software to the cloud with no additional license fee.

A Partner in Your Journey

We are here to help design workflows, support your cloud infrastructure build-out, and provide advice in adopting cloud-based live production. Industry-leading 24/7 support is available with a comprehensive SLA program tailored to your requirements.

RPC is deployed in two groups:

  • Persistent: “Always-On” services such as newsroom, asset management, content gateways, and licensing.
  • Dynamic: Larger, on-demand instances such as control room workflows, graphics, and ground-to-cloud live sources.

RPC services can be stopped and started with full recovery to last known state, supporting rapid change over.

RPC is optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Some services offer detailed integration with S3, ELB, RDS, and OpenSearch. In addition, AWS security group and Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles are natively supported by select services.

RPC can be deployed virtualized on-premises, hybrid on-prem and cloud, or even in purpose-built on-prem hyperconverged hardware.

Ross Cloud Gateway enables secure connectivity of legacy devices from on-prem to the cloud via media object server (MOS). Content can be managed remotely and quickly shared into the cloud. OverDrive Automated Production Control manages real-time device control of on-premises devices like robotic cameras, routers, and tactile surfaces.

RPC is entirely deployed in your own cloud account or data center, enabling full control to align with corporate IT policies, security requirements, and better manage cloud expenses. You can also use services like VPN and AWS Direct Connect more effectively. Select services are also offered in fully managed configurations, such as and Streamline. Cloud.

End-to-End Solution


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