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SilverBack 4K5


SilverBack 4K5

A robust, full bandwidth fiber optic link solution.

The MultiDyne family of SilverBack camera-mounted transceivers capture images from SD to 4Kand beyond, that extend the range of any HD/4K camera system, reduce weight and save time and money. The newest member is the SilverBack 4K5 Fiber-Optic System for 4K Quad-Link 3G Camcorders.

The SilverBack family of camera-mounted fiber transport solutions now supports the ‘systemization’ of any existing 4K camera. IT enables users to broaden the range of their existing 4K cameras by converting any quad-link 4K camcorder to a 4K live fully systemized camera, connected to a base station with a single fiber cable. By putting all of the signals needed for multi-camera 4K/UHD TV production onto a single tactical or SMPTE hybrid fiber cable, the system ensures robust, trouble-free connectivity, whether used in the studio or at a remote location.

  • One RU Base Station
  • Five 1.5 or 3Gb/s HD-SDI signals one-way and one SDI-HD/SDI Return path
  • Two channels of audio
  • Two channels of Intercom
  • Two channels of Data
  • RCP Control
  • Time Code
  • Tally


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