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Skaarhoj RCP Pro w/Blue Pill Inside – Black

he RCP Pro is SKAARHOJ’s most advanced camera shading controller. It features a brand-new joystick with a built-in Tally Light and OLED Screen, to display Iris values on the fly. It also includes a large, tilted screen for a perfect viewing angle – and lots of fully configurable knobs and butttons.

If you want the best comfort and most innovative components, RCP Pro is your choice. This high end camera controller has everything you love from our standard RCPv2, but taken to a really exclusive level! Furthermore it has Blue Pill Inside to support all the new high-end cameras coming to the live production market of today.


The RCP Pro is a perfect solution to shade cameras from major manufacturers, such as RED, Canon, ARRI and Panasonic Lumix, among several others.

The RCP Pro comes with Blue Pill Inside. Blue Pill is SKAARHOJs new platform that further expands the controlling capabilities of SKAARHOJ products. For more information on the capabilities of Blue Pill, please view SKAARHOJ’s YouTube Video here.

Outstanding differences from previous or similar versions
Blue Pill Inside added. The RCP Pro has the classic RCP size, but is now in black with a tilted display and OLED display on the top of the joystick for easy iris readout.


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