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softGear ™ Streaming Gateway

softGear ™ Streaming Gateway

The softGear Streaming Gateway offers a reliable and secure bridge connecting an on-premise facility with a remote cloud production. The content is distributed over a reliable, low-latency connection between on-premise and the cloud.

Whether on-premise NDI content needs to be teleported to the cloud or SDI baseband must be converted to CDI streams in the cloud, softGear Streaming Gateway provides a reliable solution.

A Solution for Every Stream

Navigating the myriad of compression codecs and protocols for effective streaming is made simple and efficient using intuitive UIs to access a complete suite of capabilities. Easily solve for connectivity challenges and optimizations using the Dashboard interface. Get consistency in your multi-site deployments.

Cots and Cloud Deployment

Deploying the same product on COTS hardware on premise and in a Cloud ensures interoperability and offers the same UI minimizing the time to air. Content producers will appreciate reliable transport that abstracts the necessity of expertise on Cloud delivery methods and associated details simplifying remote contribution and remote production workflows.

Common Platform

The SoftGear Streaming Gateway is built on softGear, which gives flexibility to the rapidly changing needs of today’s broadcasters, providing simultaneous encoding and decoding built on a scalable microservice platform ideal for on-premise or cloud deployment. Leverage the versatility, field upgradability, and robustness of the softGear platform.


A Gateway To Cloud Production

Take advantage of remote talent, remote production crew, and cloud processing easily. Whether on-premise NDI content needs to be transferred to a Cloud, or SDI baseband converted to CDI streams in a Cloud, the Streaming Gateway provides a reliable solution.

A Broad Set Of Compression Options

The Streaming Gateway offers to bridge between SRT, SDI, NDI and WebRTC on premise and SRT, CDI, NDI and WebRTC in a Cloud, covering most scenarios and including even the latest ultra high performance CDI protocol offered by AWS.

SDI And Cloud Digital Interface

Send SDI feeds from on-premise directly into AWS and use Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) signals for high reliability and sub-frame network latency. Access similar workloads across compute instances and services in the AWS Cloud.


Video Standards HD-SDI (SMPTE ST 292)*
3G-SDI (SMPTE ST 424)*
CDI (Frame mode)**
Format Support 720p50/59.94
1080i 50/59.94
1080p 25/29.97/50/59.94
Network Streams
4 – Encode or Decode (on-prem)
Up to 8 Encode or Decode (cloud)
Up to 16 audio channels per stream (SRT)
Codecs H.264 (Constraint Baseline/High Profile)
NDI (Full bandwidth)
Transport WebRTC
SRT (caller & listener modes)
Management Dashboard™
Front 1- Audio Jack*
1- USB 3.1 Type C*
2 – USB 3.1 Type A*
1- SD Card Reader*
2 – USB 3.1 Type C/iGFX Display Port*
1 – Remote Power Switch connector*
1 – Serial port*
1 – RJ45 GbE Network*
Video Interface
4 – SDI Input*
4 – SDI Output*
1 – Genlock Input*
DIN 1.0/2.3 Jacks*
Dimensions HxWxD: 1.68” (42.8 mm) x 18.98” (482.0 mm) x 23.19” (589.1 mm)
Weight* 20lbs (9.1kg)
Power* Dual redundant hot pluggable 550W (80PLUS Platinum certified)
Operating Temperature* 10C – 35C
Included Accessories* 9 – DIN / BNC Pigtails
2 – Line Cord
1 – Rack Rail Kit
*Applicable in a On-premise variant*
*Applicable in a Cloud variant.


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