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openGear SRA-8901-R 12 G Bypass Protection Switch with Output Distribution


The SRA-8901-R is bypass relay protection card that installs in the openGear frame.  It supports SDI signals from SD to 12G, DashBoard control and monitoring, reclocked distribution of the primary signal and adjustable switching parameters.


As facilities transition to UHD, the cost of downtime of critical feeds remains a concern. Especially in air-chains, the SRA-8901-R provides the essential ability to automatically transfer to a stable bypass source upon failure of the primary signal.


The SRA-8901-R adds cost-effective reliability to SDI signal paths up to 12G.  Even under the most adverse conditions, such as upstream equipment failure or power loss to the frame, the SRA-8901-R maintains continuity of the bypass signal.


The SRA-8901-R is a high-density solution that can protect up to 20 signals in a single openGear frame.  Configuration and monitoring are provided through a centralized DashBoard interface, including the ability to tailor switching characteristics to the needs of the signal chain.



  • Bypass protection switching for critical signal paths
  • Adds complementary bypass protection to openGear cards such as the MC1-UHD
  • Signal Support:
    • SDI: SD (270Mbps), HD (1.5Gbps), 3G, 6G, 12G
    • MADI
    • DVB-ASI (all outputs non-inverting)
  • Transparently passes all video, audio, and ancillary data
  • Input cable equalization, primary input (Belden 1694A):
    • >200m (656ft.) @ 1.485Gbps
    • >150m (492ft.) @ 2.97Gbps
    • >80m (262ft.) @ 5.94Gbps
    • >50m (164ft.) @ 11.88Gbps
  • Passive bypass path ensures continuity of signal even in the event of frame power loss
  • 4-channel reclocked distribution of the primary signal
  • Comprehensive monitoring and control using DashBoard
  • Automatic switchover based on total loss of primary input and/or loss of lock to primary input
  • Manual return or automatic return modes
  • Adjustable switching holdoff times to avoid nuisance switching
  • Output source may be externally controlled and manually forced to primary or bypass input via DashBoard, SNMP or RossTalk
  • Card-edge manual bypass control
  • Single-slot, high-density openGear solution for up to 20 cards in one OG3 or OGX frame
  • Passive rear-plate
  • Hot-swappable
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • Signal Support:
    • SDI: SD (270Mb/s), HD (1.5Gb/s), 3G, 6G, 12G
    • MADI
    • ASI
    • SMPTE-310
  • Non-inverting outputs, perfect for DVB-ASI distribution
  • Passive rear module
  • Auto or Manual Failover to Secondary input
  • Output routing Support
  • Input EQ
    • 270Mb/s | 380m
    • 1.5Gb/s | 210m
    • 3.0Gb/s | 180m
    • 6.0Gb/s | 80m
    • 12Gb/s| 50m
  • Automatic detection of incoming data rate
  • Configurable as reclocking or equalizing-only
  • HD-BNC rear module I/O options
  • Up to 20 channels of 1×4 distribution in a single frame
  • LED indicators for signal presence and data rate for each channel
  • Excellent input / output return loss specifications up to 12G
  • Hot-swappable
  • 5-year transferable warranty

Add the SRA-8901-R to your master control playout chain to provide protection switching in case of equipment failure or power loss. The SRA-8901-R allows you to choose the bypass source that fulfills your redundancy strategy, it could be directly from a playout server or even a complete backup signal chain. The high-density design and flexibility makes it easy to integrate automatic signal failover at any point in your signal path to keep your channel on air.


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