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ST 2110-40 Ancillary Data Shuffler & Delay Processor with Stream Analysis by Providius

ADS is a tool for manipulating ancillary data such as closed captions, commercial insertion, and timecode in ST 2110-40 broadcast environments. It can shuffle, delay, and analyze streams to ensure synchronization and data quality. ADS is reliable for all ST 2110 topologies and network sizes.


ADS (Ancillary Data Service) is a sophisticated tool that has been specifically designed for use in complex IP media infrastructures. It is used for managing ancillary data such as closed captions, SCTE-104 (commercial insertion), and VITC/LTC timecode, which are authored and transported independently using ST 2110-40 across the network.

In ST 2110 broadcast environments, ADS is an essential tool for manipulating ST 2110-40 ancillary data. It can shuffle, delay, and analyze the streams to ensure that the synchronization and quality of the ancillary data is maintained at all times. This is particularly important in live broadcasting, where every second counts.

ADS is a highly reliable resource that can be used in every type of ST 2110 topology, regardless of the size of the network. It is capable of handling even the most complex IP media infrastructures, making it an excellent choice for broadcasters who need to ensure the smooth operation of their broadcasting systems.

Key Features:

  • Subscribe to multiple ST 2110-40 ANC data flows from an IP broadcast media network
  • Identify and monitor ST 2110-40 flows for compliance plus optionally record/capture
  • Shuffle and delay any combination of SMPTE-defined DID/SDID data payloads
  • Breakaway and route newly constructed ST 2110-40 flows back into the network


  • Acquire up to 100x ST 2110-40 ancillary flows concurrently
  • Full ST 2110-40 stream packet analyzer and decoder
  • Profile bitrate & RTP with timing inspection
  • Author any combination of DID/SDIDs
  • Integrates with system broadcast controller
  • Locks to either PTP or NTP for time reference
  • Performs a 100×100 ST 2110-40 virtual cross-point matrix
  • Individual DID/SDID packet delay and alignment


  • ADS is designed to be deployed on a COTS server or virtual machine and supports all sizes of networks including enterprise infrastructures.
  • ADS leverages HTML5 to present detailed dashboards that provide responsive real-time web updates using modern graphical design.
  • ADS gives you unprecedented visibility into your most critical operations from any location using a web browser.
  • Although ADS can be installed on any server or virtual machine that meets the minimum system requirements, we can also supply you with a preinstalled server.


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