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ST100, ST102, ST208 & ST200 Real-time two-way studio to studio connectivity

Transmit & receive live audio/video or audio only in real-time, with full duplex audio

Receive from any Quicklink Studio contributor – ST500, ST150, ST100, iOS App or Chrome browser for broadcast output via HD-SDI, HDMI and IP (NDI™, MPEG-TS). The ST100, ST102, ST208 & ST200 are an essential element in any point-to-point broadcast solution where ultra-low latency and high-quality links are required. Ideal for networking studios and bureaus together.

Product highlights

  • H.265/HEVC equivalent utilising VP9
  • Simultaneous encode and decode in point-to-point or relay mode
  • 200ms glass-to-glass delay
  • Rate adaptive up to 1080p60 30Mbps
  • Supports HD-SDI, HDMI, IP inputs and outputs
  • Full duplex audio, no audio ducking
  • 2 Channels of audio with one channel available as talkback from the ST100/ST200 to the contributor
  • Audio I/O: XLR analogue, AES digital and AES67 IP
  • Deployable on both private and public networks
  • No public IP required with inbuilt NAT traversing
  • Automatic failover between network connections for maximum up-time
  • Create permanent video circuits – Automatic link recovery in case of power outage
  • Simple central management from a web browser
  • OEM options for customisation

Main uses

Simultaneously send and receive point-to-point broadcast quality AV

Enable remote commentators to be integrated into your ultra-low delay workflow

Receive and broadcast content from any Quicklink Studio contributor globally


1 channel input/output to HD-SDI, HDMI & NDI™

Compact single power supply



2 channel input/output to HD-SDI, HDMI & NDI™ (Point-to-point)

Compact single power supply



4 channel input/output to HD-SDI & NDI™ (Point-to-point)

High Availability option



2 channel input/output to HD-SDI & NDI™

Dual power supply & raided drives



The Quicklink Manager

The Quicklink Manager allows simple and intuitive management of connected links and contributors from one central portal, from any global location, using a secure encrypted Chrome web browser connection. Various layers of operational security including two factor authentication and end to end contributor encryption ensure the highest levels of data security and integrity are met. Feature and settings selection together with link creation are amongst the main abilities of the Quicklink Manager Portal.

  • Available 365×24/7
  • Create virtual waiting rooms for contribution links
  • Global usage
  • Control of access permission rights to portal Managers, Operators and Users
  • Create permanent video circuits – automatic link recovery in case of power outage
  • Full control of contributors and feature/settings selection
  • Automatic conversion of different incoming and output formats such as NTSC converted to PAL output
  • Option to customise with own branding




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