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ST55 Easily receive contributions from a web browser

Professionally introduce the highest-quality guest contributions

With no apps or software installations required, gather high-quality guest contributions using just a web browser on any desktop, laptop or mobile device. Invite your guests using SMS, WhatsApp, Email, or by generating a secure unique link.

Obtain discrete high-quality audio and HD video from participants within a point-to-point, or group conference environment.

Manage your guests with the highest-level of control

Using the intuitive remote management controls you can pre-screen, control and manage all guest participants, including camera/microphone/speakers selection, resolution, audio mode/gain and more!

Utilising the Quicklink Manager, manage virtual rooms, remotely select your contributors camera/microphone/speaker, adjust resolution, tweak audio settings and more!

An easy-to-use, familiar-feeling interface

Requiring zero technical expertise, Quicklink Studio (ST55) has been designed with ease-of-use and familiarity – giving you complete peace of mind when introducing guest contributions.

Unlock full remote contribution potential by reaching global audiences within a practical, language localised interface!

Integrate into your workflow with professional broadcast outputs

Using the Quicklink ST100, ST102, ST208 & ST200, output your high-quality contributions to professional broadcast outputs such as HD-SDI, NDI and more!

Seamless integration with Quicklink’s Cre8 to create professional virtual, in-person and hybrid events.


Utilizing the world’s most powerful remote contribution management platform.

The Quicklink Manager provides all the tools needed for simple and intuitive management of guest contributions, devices, rooms and more from a single interface!

Why choose Quicklink Studio (ST55) over consumer conferencing solutions?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a shift towards virtual and hybrid events that is here to stay. Companies are now strategically investing in professional solutions to service this mid-to-long term requirement.

This eBook explains the benefits of Quicklink’s professional broadcast and media solutions compared to using consumer conferencing solutions.


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