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TAG Decryptor offers a proven and secure method of real time Decryption, Monitoring and Viewing of OTT content after the packager within the secure zone.

Content providers are taking all means necessary to secure their content. As such, most OTT content is secured with encryption keys during the encoding phase, causing a difficult tradeoff by not been able to Monitor and View the OTT content to ensure the quality during real-time distribution.

Now, Content owners can rest assured that all their content will remain secure while all streaming media, even OTT content, is monitored and analyzed within the TAG MCM-9000 IP Software Only Platform.

No more painful frustration of securing the content without being able to Monitor and View it after the Packager.

TAG’s innovative capabilities available in the MCM-9000 surpasses the conventional capabilities of today’s Multiviewer monitoring solutions, ensuring reliability and quality for monitoring secured OTT content in real time.


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