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Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node

Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node Overview

As the successor to the SDI xNode, the Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node continues our commitment to bring the power and flexibility of Audio over IP to broadcast television by de-embedding and converting up to 8 pairs of audio from two SDI inputs to AES67. Audio can then be shared on the network, processed for loudness compliance, and ultimately re-embedded into two SDI output streams.


Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node Features

Features at a Glance

  • Provides de-embedding, routing, and re-embedding of up to 8 audio pairs through two SDI inputs and outputs
  • 3Gb/s HD/SD-SDI supports UHD applications
  • AES67 supports SMPTE ST 2110-30 workflows
  • Compensating video delay maintains proper A/V sync
  • Provides SRCs for all SDI output channels
  • Full-width 1RU hardware with dual internal redundant auto-ranging power supplies

Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node In Depth

Bringing the Power of IP to Television

Radio discovered the myriad benefits of AoIP nearly two decades ago, and hasn’t looked back since. Television broadcasters are now realizing the benefits of networked audio and interoperability between manufacturers and products.

Flexible Routing for Two SDI Signals

The SDI AoIP Node offers two independent 3Gb/s HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs. Up to 8 audio pairs from either or both SDI inputs can be de-embedded and converted to AES67 and become available anywhere on the network for monitoring, distribution, or loudness control via a Linear Acoustic® AERO.8000 Processing Engine. Up to 8 audio pairs can then be re-embedded (and pair shuffled if desired) to two independent SDI outputs.

Ready Today, Ready for the Future

The SDI AoIP Node supports 3G video standards to seamlessly integrate into UHD facilities. Installations built using SMPTE ST 2110 workflows will appreciate its AES67 I/O which provides native support for SMPTE ST 2110-30.

User-friendly Setup and Configuration

Despite its powerful features and signal routing capabilities, SDI AoIP Node is easy to configure. Its user-friendly web-based UI is device, OS, and browser agnostic, and can be used on any desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node Specifications


  • Two independent auto-sensing 3Gb/s HD/SD-SDI inputs (SMPTE 292M, 259M, and 424M) with de-embedding for up to 8 audio pairs
  • De-embedded audio is converted to AES67 and can be routed anywhere on the network
  • Up to 8 audio pairs can be re-embedded to two independent HD/SD-SDI outputs


  • Fully AES67 compliant and supports SMPTE ST 2110-30 workflows
  • Supports 2-ch streams with a 1 ms packet time (ptime)


  • User selectable reference clock
  • Reference clock options include PTP (AES67), SDI, Internal 48 KHz


  • Two Gigabit RJ-45 connections – one for AES67, one for networked remote control


  • Dual internal redundant auto-ranging power supplies
  • 95-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30W maximum

Dimensions and Weight

  • 19” W x 9” D x 1.75” H  (approximately 48.2 x 22.8 x4.5 cm )
  • Net weight: Approximately 6.0 lbs (2.72 kg)


  • North America: FCC and CE tested and compliant with UL-approved power supplies
  • Europe: Complies with European Union Directive 2002/95/EC on the restriction of use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS), as amended by Commission Decisions 2005/618/EC, 2005/717/EC, 2005/747/EC (RoHS directive), and WEEE


  • Standard Telos Alliance 2-year limited parts and labor


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