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Telos Infinity VIP – Virtual Intercom Platform

Telos Infinity Virtual Intercom Platform Overview

First, we broke the matrix. Now, we’re putting intercom in the Cloud.

New to the Telos Infinity family is Telos Infinity® Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP), the first fully featured Cloud-based intercom system. It delivers sophisticated comms virtually, making Cloud-based media production workflows available on any modern device, whether it be a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet, through an HTML5 browser or our Android and iOS App. Users can even use third-party control devices, like Elgato’s Stream Deck®, to control Telos Infinity VIP. Now, you can harness Telos Infinity IP Intercom’s award-winning performance, scalability, ease of integration, and operational/cost efficiencies anywhere—At Home, On-Premises, Site-to-Site, or in the Cloud.


Telos Infinity VIP

  • Cost-Efficient – Less Maintenance, Infrastructure, Space Required
  • Scaleable – Pay for Only What you Need
  • Ease of Use – Virtual Panels on Familiar Devices (Smartphone, Computer, Tablet)
  • Workflow Flexibility – At Home, On-Prem, Site-to-Site, In the Cloud
  • Reliable, Proven Cloud Workflows
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • TelosCare™ PLUS Service Option for Premium Service & Support

Deployment Options

Meeting users where they are on the path toward virtualization, Telos Alliance offers several deployment options for VIP, which scales to suit users’ varying requirements, from a few remote smartphone VIP instances to an enterprise solution requiring hundreds of instances.

  • On-Prem – Use Telos Infinity VIP hardware appliance or your own server for on-prem installations.
  • Integrated – For both On-Prem or Cloud versions, Telos Infinity VIP can be integrated with Telos Infinity hardware comms, or any third-party intercom or audio subsystem using AES67 or SMPTE 2110-30 connectivity.
  • Cloud Server – Software for supported Cloud platform installations. A complete communications infrastructure in the Cloud with connectivity options for integration with third-party Cloud-based and On-Prem audio subsystems.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) –
    • Grass Valley and Telos Alliance have partnered to bring you Telos Infinity® VIP (Virtual Intercom Platform) on GV AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform), a professional intercom solution for cloud-based media production workflows.
    • Telos Alliance has partnered with Vizrt to release Telos Infinity® Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP) on Viz Now, a tool for automating deployments of live productions in the cloud. Viz Now is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal hosted by Vizrt. It enables anyone involved in live productions – even non-technical staff – to deploy templated and pre-configured end-to-end live production capacity quickly and easily at a click through its intuitive user interface.

Telos Infinity Virtual Intercom Platform Features

  • A Cloud-Based Intercom Platform: Delivering a ‘soft’ version of Telos Infinity IP Intercom to any HTML5 compatible device with onboard audio or to our Infinity VIP App on compatible Android and iPhone devices
  • Fully-featured ‘Virtual’ Intercom Platform
  • Based on Multi-Award Winning Telos Infinity IP Intercom hardware system with identical features and functions
  • VIP Server can be deployed in Public or Private Cloud VPCs
  • Telos Infinity VIP Server Appliance option for ‘On Premise’ system with integrated AES67 / SMPTE ST2110 LAN connectivity
  • Users can access virtual panels via any device (PCs, Phones, Tablets) with a compatible HTML5 browser or with our Telos Infinity® VIP App on compatible Android and iOS devices.
  • Scalable and agile system supports remote production workflows of any size
  • Built-in four-wire Cloud to Cloud and Cloud to Ground interconnectivity using onboard Infinity Link VoIP codec
  • Outright buy, Subscription and Software as a Service purchasing options
  • Secure and encrypted panel connectivity
  • Telos Infinity VIP Android and IOS Phone App is available for download; enhance your VIP flexibility from the Google Play or Apple App Store on respective Android and iOS devices.
  • Hardware control option using Elgato Stream Deck application

Telos Infinity Virtual Intercom Platform In-Depth

System Architecture

  • Panels on same VIP server maintain AES67 multicast structure
  • Panels use same distributed DSP architecture as HW
  • ‘4-wires’ using AES67 Unicast, Opus via virtualised ‘Link’ codec and NDI (to be introduced Summer 2022)
  • Users ‘invited’ to connect to panel via secure VIP Beacon Server
  • On Prem or Cloud deployment – Public or Private
  • Hardware control interface support – Stream Deck etc.
  • Container management using Portainer (standard install)

Product Options

  • Scalability supporting systems of any size
  • VIP Server Software – Required for On Prem or In Cloud
  • Optional VIP Server Appliance (On Prem) – Linux Microserver
  • Range of VIP Panels (4, 8, 16, 36 Key) – priced per unit
  • VIP Link Gateway (OPUS/NDI <> LW+ AES67) – two sizes (8 and 16 Channel)
  • TelosCare PLUS is mandatory
  • Highly Advised Telos Support Options SAAS Pricing via GV AMPP and selected partners
  • 16 Channel Virtual Link Gateway ‘onboard’ – Free of Charge
  • Free of charge Elgato Stream Deck plug-in
  • Panel API support for 3rd party and customers own control options
  • Grass Valley AMPP native integration

Connectivity and Security

  • WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) enables real-time communication in the browser without the need for plug-ins or other requirements
  • Encryption is a mandatory feature of WebRTC
  • DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security) is used to secure all data transfers between panels in browsers and the VIP server
  • SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) is used to secure audio streams between panels in browsers and the VIP server
  • Uses ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) framework and STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) and TURN (Traversal Using Relays around NAT) servers are used to establish and maintain connections between VIP panels and VIP server
  • Encryption includes the signaling mechanism and audio streams
  • While peer-to-peer connections over UDP are preferred, a TURN server should always be available to make the connection between a panel and the VIP system when needed

Infinity VIP Server Software

  • Infinity VIP 16 Device (Server 16D) License key: For use with any VIP Server platform deployment option. Includes Infinity Dashboard
  • Each ‘16D’ purchase adds 16 Docker Container capacity to VIP Server platform
  • Multiply the number of ‘16D’ licenses to build larger VIP systems
  • The first installed ‘16D’ license activates System Management, Authentication, Licensing and Invitation Server Tools
  • The first Server activation includes 1x free VIP Link 16 Gateway (not part of the 16 Docker container count)
  • Includes Beacon Server for connection management

Infinity VIP Panels

  • Four different Infinity VIP Panels – 4, 8, 16 and 36 Key
  • Each Panel comprises 3x Shift pages, Mic and LS Mute, all supported Infinity key modes and colours
  • Each panel uses 1 Docker Container

Infinity VIP Link Gateway

  • Two Virtual Link Gateway products: 8 and 16 codecs
  • Replicates functionality of hardware Link Gateway / used for LAN, WAN and On Cloud subsystem connectivity
  • Supports OPUS / AES67 Unicast / NDI (in V2.2)
  • Each VIP Link Gateway uses 1 Docker Container


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