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openGear TES-8943 12G VANC Inserter, Extractor and Processor


The TES-8943 is an advanced VANC Data processor, capable of insertion, processing, and extraction for a variety of VANC data applications.  Support for SD, HD, 3G is standard while 6G and 12G SDI is enabled via software license, providing support for modern UHD workflows.

The card can receive and/or transmit data via either TCP/IP or a serial connection from external devices and manage the insertion, processing, and extraction of the data inside the VANC data space of an SDI video signal.  SCTE-104 message insertion is also supported for digital program insertion (DPI) applications.  User-configurable SCTE-104 messages may be inserted via GPI or dynamic SCTE-104 may be inserted over serial or TCP/IP.  Conversely, the card can be configured to trigger GPOs based on detected SCTE-104 messages or output the full SCTE-104 message stream over serial or TCP/IP.

The TES-8943 is designed for the openGear® family and occupies 2 or 4 slots (depending on rear module chosen) in the OGX Frame.



  • Simultaneous encode and decode of VANC data services including SCTE-104
  • SD/HD/3G/6G/12G SDI support (license required for 6G and 12G)
  • Low latency insertion and extraction over serial or TCP/IP of dynamic SCTE-104 messaging generated or used by automation
  • 4 or 8 GPIOs (depending on the rear module option chosen) to insert or trigger based on detection of configurable SCTE-104 messages
  • Embed or extract VANC data packets with up to four concurrent services and flexible selection of DID and SDID for user data applications such as camera telemetry, scoreboard and other data content
  • Can be used to facilitate a sidechain VANC bridge to preserve SCTE-104 or other VANC data around equipment that may modify or delete it
  • Fully configurable VANC pass or delete functionality
  • Configurable pass-through, deletion or re-ordering of upstream VANC data.
  • Full monitoring and control via DashBoard, including SCTE-104 message logging
  • Pair with the complementary SRA-8901-R for bypass relay protection and distribution
  • Dual or four-slot (depending on rear module) openGear solution
  • Passive rear-plate
  • Hot-swappable
  • 5-year transferable warranty


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