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TriCaster® Vectar

Anywhere-access to enterprise-grade 4K switching in the cloud that helps content creators address the ever-growing need to produce more stories, better told

TriCaster® Vectar provides anywhere-access to software-based enterprise-grade 4K switching in the cloud that helps national and regional broadcasters produce better content and more of it, reduce production costs and environmental impact, and quickly react and adapt to changing production needs.

Deployable on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution, TriCaster® Vectar improves production quality by letting you use your best team for each production and incorporate millions of NDI® sources for the most engaging content, reduce travel costs and CO2 emissions, and easily spin up new production capacity to meet temporary and permanent changes in demand.

Produce more content, better

Millions of NDI® sources and easy remote collaboration helps you produce more stories, better told

Reduce production costs and complexity

Cloud-based switching: like being in an OB van, without the cost and complexity

Adapt to changing production needs

Spin up (and down) production capacity as and when needed



Create more interesting content with native NDI

As an NDI-native system, TriCaster® Vectar uncomplicates the ability to create engaging content from anywhere by incorporating millions of audio and video sources, while integration with NDI® Remote turns any mobile device into a live production camera for unparalleled production flexibility.

More control and flexibility than ever before

Supporting 44 video and 44 audio channel inputs, TriCaster® Vectar offers the largest input scale for cloud-ready vision mixing available on the market. Dynamic and powerful macros capabilities also allow operators to deliver complex productions effortlessly, NDI Genlock guarantees consistent timing between cameras, and Alpha Channels can be sent through MIX outs, bringing post-production closer to live.

Powerful built-in web streaming capabilities support a choice of connection types, resolutions, and providers, while simultaneous encoding of up to three channels in anything from HD to UHD offers greater flexibility.

Conference call integrations

Bring in remote contributors easily with Live Call Connect, integrating with popular video communication applications.

Better live audio

TriCaster® Vectar supports 44 audio channels and extends audio workflows though an NDI plug-in that interconnects with audio mixing and processing applications that can be entirely virtualized and interoperates with Dante/AES 67 formats.

Mitigate the risk of poor remote audio quality with Neural Voice Isolation. Powered by Viz AI, Neural Voice Isolation uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect voices and clean the audio so that remote callers can be clearly heard in loud environments.

Multi-program output

TriCaster® Vectar includes unique program re-entry functionality making it simple to output multiple versions of the same program with differences in graphics presentations, aspect ratios, and resolutions.

Control at your fingertips

TriCaster® Vectar offers agile control options with software and hardware control panels operating across various networks.

Tech Specs

  • 44 external NDI® sources
  • 8-M/E video mixing, plus PreViz
  • 15 frame buffers
  • 68 keyable layers
  • 16 Outputs
  • 4 DDR media players (NDI®) (with key+fill)
  • Built-in 44 channel audio mixer
  • 3 configurable multiviewers
  • ISO and Output recording
  • Configurable video and audio delays at every input
  • 3 integrated streaming encoders
  • Extensive macro and automation capabilities
  • Custom panel creation in operator UI and web browser
  • Control via UI or 2-stripe or 4-stripe physical control surface

With built-in media players, recording, streaming, audio, and graphics control, TriCaster® Vectar effortlessly masters the art of reaching more audiences with aspect ratio, resolution, and frame rate independence, providing simultaneous delivery for distribution to multiple destinations supporting various screen types. A re-entry function makes delivering different versions of programs with alternative, additional, or modified elements to different outputs easy. And because TriCaster® Vectar employs a software model, integrating standard computing and network infrastructures with NDI® IP integration and optional SMPTE 2110 connectivity, you can count on a lower total cost of ownership.


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