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openGear TSD-100 Transport Stream Detector


The TSD-100 analyzes an MPEG-2 transport stream to identify occurrences of selected components. For example, when SCTE-35 triggers are carried in operator specified PIDs, the TSD-100 can simply use the presence of these PIDs or use the splice commands contained within, to assert a GPI/O output to alert an operator or downstream equipment to the occurrence of the SCTE-35 trigger.

The TSD-100 provides a number of innovative tools to simplify your workflow. For example:

  • In “SCTE-35 trigger” mode, GPI/O outputs are controlled by splice-insert commands.
  • In “PID detected” mode, each GPI/O output is triggered by the arrival of a transport stream packet with the selected PID, and is then negated after a user-specified timeout.
  • Each GPI/O output has an associated user-specified timeout. This lets you control the duration of the output pulse to meet your system requirements.
  • Each GPI/O output can indicate either the presence or the absence of the specified PID.



Detect selected components of an MPEG-2 Transport Stream: 

  • Digital Program Insertion Triggers (notification of splice points) (SCTE-35)
  • User-defined data / triggers
The TSD-100 facilitates: 

  • Confidence checking of digital insertion triggers prior to distribution
  • Notification to monitoring systems
  • Triggering of downstream equipment
  • Maintains DPI trigger log that can be consulted through DashBoard and downloaded to a PC
  • 5-year transferable warranty


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