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TV Watermarking

Next Generation Watermarking for Television Workflows

Modern implementations of watermarking yield TV ratings data that is consistent and reliable. Equipped with this valuable information, broadcasters can accurately and effectively portray their audience reach to advertisement partners.

Telos Alliance’s Linear Acoustic Next Generation Audio Real-time audio processing products help broadcasters capture this revenue through Verance and Nielsen support for ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 workflows.

For broadcasters interested in File-based watermarking, Telos Alliance’s Minnetonka Audio AudioTools Server offers module options for Kantar Media, Nielsen, and Verance watermarking. Support for Kantar Media includes support for audience measurement and secondary screen projects. ATS also provides a module to support on-demand content workflows requiring Nielsen watermarking. For Verance, ATS can provide verification of the presence of the watermark within file-based content.

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