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Two Way Radio Systems

Two Way Radio Systems

Enable enterprise-wide professional communications across a large site or even in multiple locations.

BearCom Deploys Wide Area Networks For Wireless Two-Way Radio Systems To Connect Individual Workers And Multiple-User Groups.

Build your Own Wide Area Network for Two-Way Radios

Wide Area Networks for wireless two-way radio systems enable enterprise-wide professional communications across a large site or in multiple locations. Using Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO trunking solutions, BearCom can deploy your own private push-to-talk network to connect individual workers as well as multiple-user groups. MOTOTRBO Networking Solutions include IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus/Max, Linked Capacity Plus, WAVE TLK100 and Connect Plus.


Wide Area Networks for Two-Way Radios

MOTOTRBO Networking Solutions to Suit Your Needs and Budget

Conventional System

To improve single-site capacity, radios communicate via a high-powered repeater, which provides better coverage and more centralized control.

IP Site Connect

IP Site Connect creates reliable local area and wide area networks using the Internet to extend the coverage of a MOTOTRBO communications system by linking users at a single site or across multiple locations up to 15 sites (1 repeater per site).

Capacity Plus

Capacity Plus is a scalable, single-site digital trunking solution that allows up to a thousand radio users to quickly and efficiently share business-critical voice and data communications on the same system without having to add new frequencies.

Linked Capacity Plus

Linked Capacity Plus (LCP), also known as Multi-Site Capacity Plus, is a trunking solution that combines both Capacity Plus and IP Site Connect configurations for single-site or wide-area configurations. LCP requires only software updates for radios and repeaters, and does not require any new hardware.

Capacity Max

Capacity Max is Motorola’s next-generation trunking solution designed to replace Connect Plus on new MOTOTRBO systems. Capacity Max provides added calling features and increased subscriber unit capacity.

Connect Plus

Connect Plus is a multi-site digital trunking system configuration that enables two-way radio coverage at a single site or across multiple sites, supporting up to 3000 users and 15 repeaters per site.

TLK100 Two-Way Radio over Cellular Network

As an alternative to MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio trunking, Motorola Solutions offers the WAVE TLK100 two-way radio from Motorola Solutions. The TLK 100 delivers extended push-to-talk communications coverage over a subscription-based cellular network, which allows mobile field service teams to create their own extended coverage areas.

Join BearCom’s RaaS Coverage Network

In addition to designing and installing MOTOTRBO trunking solutions, BearCom offers wide area RaaS (Radio as a Service) coverage in certain sectors of the U.S. and Canada. In Central and South Texas, BearCom partners with the Kenwood NEXEDGE IP network to provide mobile and portable two-way radio coverage throughout the region. In California and Arizona, BearCom partners with the TeamTalk regional network for MOTOTRBO radios. In Ontario, Canada, BearCom offers wide-area trunked radio dispatch solutions powered by the featuring MOTOTRBO Connect Plus, and the Ontario-Quebec (OnQ) Network, backed by Kenwood’s NEXEDGE digital two-way radios.


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