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VDE-5100 IP De-encapsulator with 6 ASI Outputs openGear Card


VDE-5100 for Dynamic MPEG Video Transmission Over IP



The use of IP transmission of MPEG transport streams is becoming more cost effective and more prevalent across many applications, from contribution to primary distribution and intra facility routing. Sencore’s line of openGear products are the ideal solution for decoding and monitoring of multiple channels in a head end or various points within the network.

The VDE-5100 is an IP de-encapsulator with IP inputs and 6 ASI output ports. When coupled with the VRD-5100 card-based decoders, you have a high density decoder solution for MPEGoIP carried video. The VDE-5100 fits into any openGear, along side other openGear products. The VDE-5100 provides you with the ability to route any of the IP encapsulated TS to the ASI ports and specify a redundancy scenario by adding a backup IP source for each ASI output.



  • Coupled with VRD-5100 ASI input decoders, provides a high density decoding solution for SD and HD MPEG transport streams carried on IP data
  • High density capabilities for IP de-encapsulation in any contribution or primary distribution application.
  • Provides up to 6 Transport Stream outputs, so one card can act as an input source for up to a chassis full of decoders
  • Fully integrated MPEGoIP decoding system without the need to do IP to ASI conversion from external device
  • Offers IP status monitoring solution as well as format conversion.
  • Ability to specify a primary and redundant TS per output port



  • Includes all options at no extra cost
  • Internal Re-Multiplexer
  • Advanced Media Converter
  • Up/Down converter
  • Front panel and remote configuration
  • Easy Operation & Deployment
  • Very Cost Effective



  • High density decoding and monitoring of multiple channels
  • Head ends
  • IP networks





6 DVB ASI outputs (75 Ohm BNC)
Maximum 10 cards per chassis



X 100/1000Base-T RJ-45 ports
IPv4, IPv6, UDP & RTP
900Mbit/s usable GbE per Rx port
600Mbit/s maximum processing per card
213Mbit/s maximum ASI TS bit rate per port
Ethernet MTU length<1500 (IPv4)



Hot swappable power supplies and modules
Modular, multi-vendor architecture
ASI and IP circuit protection
Advanced buffer management
Low latency and Jitter controls



10/100Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45)
Configuration import/export
Audible and visual fault warning
SNMP v1, v2
DatasafeTM automated card configuration


Ordering Information:

Product: VDE-5100

Description: IP De-encapsulator with 6 ASI Outputs openGear Card

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