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openGear VEA-8707A Analog Video Equalizing Distribution Amplifier


The VEA-8707A analog equalizing amplifier has been specially developed for use with the openGear® HD / SD SDI frame. Use of this amplifier eliminates the need for a separate analog frame in a mixed digital and analog system.

This amplifier has been designed to manage a wide range of analog video signals with 8 outputs providing precision cable equalization for numerous cable types.

Temperature drift effects are non-existent by use of the latest analog ASIC technology combined with meticulous product engineering. The power to each card is individually fused to prevent failure of any one card from affecting the rest of the system.

The VEA-8707A offers a differential input giving excellent ground loop rejection and supports both AC and DC coupling. Back porch clamping is provided with AC coupling and offers two user-selectable speeds, with DC coupling the clamping can be disabled.

Passive looping of the input signal is provided with use of the -R2L looping rear module.



  • Precision equalization of 3 selectable coaxial cable types up to 300m
  • Single-control equalization for quick installation
  • AC or DC input coupling
  • 8 outputs
  • Back porch clamping
  • Supports tri-level sync distribution
  • Clamping speed selectable
  • Differential input for ground loop hum rejection
  • ±3dB of gain adjustment
  • 26ns propagation delay
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • Power: 1.6 watts


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