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Low Latency Contribution Remote Production Gateway

Simplylive Venue Gateway is a low-latency, bi-directionnal, multi-channel and multi-format contribution appliance bridging broadcast production infrastructure with distant venues.

It aggregates and provides transport solutions for video signals, audio signals, commentary signals, intercom signals and tally.

Supporting many IP formats and SDI connectivity, the Venue Gateway offers great agility in regards to contribution feeds delivery. The web management interface has been designed to centralize and simplify the configuration.

Featuring codec formats like H.264 and H.265, the Venue Gateway provides software defined low-latency encoding and decoding with the highest broadcast quality.

Beyond these powerful contribution capabilities, the Venue Gateway is multifaceted solution addressing several concerns:

  • 8 ch. Encoder, 8 ch. decoder or any combination of encoding and decoding up to 8 channels
  • Build-in low latency multiviewer offering remote or on-site engineers the capability to view all sources in realtime and test the network infrastructure with pre-loaded content
  • Featuring an internal audio router, it can route audio sources coming from embedded, NDI®, AES67 or Dante® directly to the encoders or decode and provide decoded audio sources to embedded, AES67 or Dante® outputs
  • Receives tally from a remote production mixer to the camera operators via TSL-5 or GPI/O

The Venue Gateway can be integrated with any specialized transport security and redundancy solution such as Netinsight Nimbra Edge, Zixi Broadcaster or Techex MWedge.

Designed to provide flexibility and reliability to the users, the Venue Gateway is a complete solution that addresses all the constraints of this modern day remote production.

The Venue Gateway offers seamless integration with Vibox through IP interface.

Key Benefits of the Venue Gateway

  • 8 Channel bi-directional encoder/decoder for remote production contribution
  • Easy and flexible to deploy with multiple format codecs with low latency, high quality signals
  • Aggregates all key requirements in a transport solution providing video, audio, commentary audio, intercom and tally
  • Integration with top industry solutions for security and redundancy 


  • Built-in low latency Multiviewer offering remote or on-site monitoring for engineering
  • Internal audio routing from encode to decode sources with embedded, NDI®, AES67 or Dante®
  • Receives tally from remote production mixer for camera operators via TSL-5 or GPI/O

Venue Gateway Specifications


  • 8 x Bi-Directional 3G-SDI
  • 2 x 1 Gbps RJ45 Ethernet
  • 1 x Genlock input
  • 1 x LTC XLR


  • H.264 4:2:0  8 bits
  • H.264 4:2:2  10 bits
  • H.265 4:2:0  8 bits


  • AAC
  • MPEG-1 Layer II


  • SRT
  • NDI®
  • TS UDP
  • TS RTP
  • Netinsight – Nimbra Edge
  • Zixi – Broadcaster
  • Techex – MWedge


  • SRT (including redudancy)
  • NDI®
  • TS UDP


  • Integrated low latency multiviewer with video, audio, timecode and tally
  • Unrecovered packets, CC errors, RTP sequence errors, ETR290 (through 3rd party)


  • GPI/O
  • TSL5 over IP for tally and UMD


  • AES67, Dante® supported


  • Ubuntu 18.04 or superior


  • 11(H) x 30 (D) x 38 (W) cm, 7 kg
  • 4 (H) x 12 (D) x 15 (W) in, 15 lbs