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ViBox All-In-One
Complete, Flexible Production

The ViBox All-In-One application layer is the world’s most flexible total production tool for multi-camera programs of all sizes.  What do we mean by flexible? On Friday, you can produce a game with just one user running all the main requirements of live production – live switching, graphics, slow motion replays, highlights and audio mixing – with the incredibly intuitive A-I-O interface.

On Sunday, you can use the same ViBox All-In-One to produce larger games that need a multi-user workflow. The first operator can be switching the show on one touch-screen, another operator is running a ViBox SloMo application, and a 3rd UI also has SloMo running for a 2nd replay operator. No other single system provides you with that much flexibility.

In developing the All-In One user interface, we studied 100s of live production workflows and run-downs to design a system that anyone can use. We made sure that all the tools you need to tell a great story are right where you need them to be. 

Flexible. Intuitive. All-In-One.

Unique Benefits for ViBox All-In-One Users

  • Create great sports with ease – Simplylive’s smart user interface design is built around a touch-screen interface that removes the worry of operating and learning complicated equipment. It allows users to focus and act upon what they see and instinctively navigate the UI to review situations with ease.
  • Work the way your production demands – ViBox All-In-One systems allow a single operator to run a complete production on a single touch-screen.  If your system includes the V16/8, V12 or V4-4K servers, you can expand your workflow to have multiple operators working on up to 3 different functions in a production…all on one system.*
  • Reduce costs with ViBox Remote Production – With ViBox A-I-O, you are able to locate your server with the cameras at the venue, but have your operators run the touch-screens in a “home” production center (or wherever).  This means big production savings on location expenses. 
  • Work with best-in-class systems – The All-In-One system is the hub where you put your program together, but it allows you to easily work with other specialized systems for graphics and audio mixing. Any NDI capable graphics system can feed in (2) keyable graphic layers.  The same goes for Dante capable audio mixers feeding final mixes to A-I-O.  
  • I/O choice means production flexibility – with ViBox, you have the choice of selecting SDI, NDI, RTMP, TS UDP, and now native SRT sources for your inputs.  You can also use higher frame rate, super motion camera sources to offer the highest quality replays.
  • Produce high-quality, world-class sports programs – because your All-In-One system includes the ViBox SloMo option, you have a very high-quality and easy-to-use replay system at your fingertips.  Add the SloMo Remote to your system for an even more production control. 
  • Easily localize your programs – Send a single camera feed with clean audio downstream to the ViBox All-In-One Micro where you can add localized V/O, graphics and clips to please even more niche audiences around the world.  Or use the A-I-O Micro for a simple single camera production when you need something fast, but high quality.
  • Production back up for peace of mind – Do you need a backup system in case of an emergency? In the case of a switcher failure, you can feed the router sources to A-I-O Micro and still insert graphics and your audio mix. 

                                                            *  Multi-application capabilities limited to 2-user with the V12 server

All-In-One System Choices

ViBox 16 A-I-O
Up to 12 input switcher
Up to 4 outputs
Designed for multi-user workflows
Integrated SloMo, graphics & audio

ViBox 12 A-I-O
Up to 10 input switcher
Up to 4 outputs
Designed for 2-user workflows
Integrated SloMo, graphics & audio

ViBox 8 A-I-O
 Up to 6 input switcher
Up to 4 outputs
Single user or multi-user workflows

Integrated SloMo, graphics & audio

ViBox 4 A-I-O
3/1 I/O switcher
Perfect for smaller events
Designed for single user

Integrated SloMo, graphics & audio

ViBox Micro A-I-O
Single camera All-In-One
Integrated graphics and audio
Built for program backup
& downstream production

Key Features in All-In-One Systems

  • Remote Workflow Capable
  • Highly Scalable Workflows 
  • Up To 15 Inputs
  • Up to 6 Outputs
  • Picture In Picture (PiP) 
  • 3 Keyable Graphic Layers
  • External NDI Graphics Integration
  • 8 Audio Preset Snapshots
  • 7 Manual Transition Macros
  • 100 Possible Playlists
  • Import/Export of content
  • Keywords and Logging
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for External Control options

The All-In-One User Interface

A-I-O Multi-User Workflow

ViBox All-In-One Servers 
Choose the best ViBox Server for your A-I-O system.

V4-4K Server
Built for UHD workflows
4ch 4K I/O
Multi-server expandable

V16/8 Server
Built for up to 3-user workflows
16 or 8  channel I/O
Multi-server expandable

V12 Server
Affordable multi-user option
Designed for 2-user workflows
Up to 12 channel I/O

V Mini Server
Most affordable 
Portable for A-I-O 8 & A-I-O 4
Single User

V Micro Server
Single camera A-I-O server
2 channel I/O
Production backup/localization

ViBox All-In-One Options

  • Xport Software Option – Automated or manual export of your program content to network attached or local storage for archiving and repurposing media.
  • Advanced Audio Option – Allows you to interface with select software and hardware audio mixers from Behringer and Yamaha. Also enables Dante audio integration.
  • BMR Software – Allows you to iso-record all of your inputs, plus clean and dirty program outputs. You can also encode and stream your production to the web utilizing standard protocols.