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ViBox Remote Production Super Slomo Replay

The typical REMI production model sends live camera feeds from the venue to the broadcast center for the remote production.  This production keeps the majority of the crew away from the site but offers the same key system components to create the live broadcast.  The cost for using super motion, high frame rate cameras for these scenarios often will be cost prohibitive when several feeds will be required for returning a single camera whether sending back as satellite or over IP connectivity. 

The Simplylive ViBox solution can optimize this workflow by combining the remote production capabilities built into our architecture and allow an enhanced broadcast through super motion replays.  The ViBox SloMo server and UI Gateway would be deployed at the venue and record the super motion camera sources on site.  Therefore, the heavy lifting of the records is done in the ViBox server at venue and only the replay output(s) are sent back to the broadcast center. 

The ViBox options also include direct SRT output sources that can be used to send the replays back over an IP infrastructure.  The UI Gateway offers the intuitive and powerful ViBox SloMo UI to be extended with minimal bandwith requirements to allow the operator to control the replay system remotely.  This operator can be back at the broadcast center or even at their home with a standard internet connection.

The ViBox SloMo with the super slow motion feature will bring these emotional, highest quality replays to any production with our best in class, affordable replay solution. 

ViBox SloMo REMI SuperMo Replays