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ViBox SloMo – Cloud Instant Replay

The Simplylive solutions are natively designed around a software defined architecture from the ground up.  This approach makes for an easy transition to a true, cloud-based solution for our instant replay.

The ViBox SloMo Cloud solution brings the full power of the ViBox instant replay to your cloud instance.  There will be no compromise to your replay capabilities with the Simplylive ViBox SloMo in the cloud with the same user experience and features at your fingertips. 

The ViBox SloMo Cloud solution offers:

  • I/O versatility with multiple remote production friendly formats to choose from including NDI, TS UDP and SRT
  • Quickly and easily deploy a cloud replay instance and significantly reduce production costs with minimal amount of equipment and production crew required on site.
  • Operate safely and effectively in todays new production reality by deploying the ViBox cloud instances and allowing operators to work from home.
  • Increase productivity by allowing your operator(s) to work on multiple games or shows consecutively without ever leaving home.
  • Maintain production quality by realizing gains in flexibility with creating cloud instances as needed with no trade-offs in the high-quality look and feel of your productions.

Thin Client User Access with Cloud UI Instance

The ViBox SloMo can be quickly deployed with minimal requirements using a thin client approach with the SloMo UI instance hosted in the cloud.  The remote user can remotely connect to the cloud instance from their home internet connection with a client PC.  The RDP instance offers the same touchscreen experience along with shuttle control over USB.  

Optimized User Access with UI Gateway Cloud Instance

The user experience can be optimized by adding the powerful UI Gateway software to the cloud instance.  The UI gateway workflow takes advantage of the ultra-low latency connectivity to secure the UI stability and experience.  The operator can also add the power of the ViBox replay remote controller for greater playback control and increased productivity with the interactive experience between controller and touchscreen UI. 

The UI Gateway can also offer the remote production team a web browser multiviewer using the same low latency power to view the content available in the VIBox.