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ViBox Slomo
Ultra Intuitive and Scalable Replay

The ViBox Slomo is the world’s most intuitive and scalable replay system on the market. The system is designed for high quality live sports productions of any size.

How many camera’s does your production have? Four in HD? Six? How about 12 cameras or six at 4K?  We let you do it all. For larger productions, ViBox Slomo can scale up to dozens of HD cameras across a network of ViBox SloMo servers fed to multiple UIs. With all of that choice, operators can decide the camera layouts they need.

ViBox Slomo is also designed for the way operators want to work. Some may prefer the familiar SloMo remote control with an intuitive button layout and a jog wheel. Others love working with our touch-screen UI with its easy-to-access controls and great feeling scroll pad.  And some operators want to work with both at the same time, which is why we offer both…so  people can work exactly the way they want.

Intuitive, scalable and much more. Your replay operators will love working with ViBox SloMo and your directors will love the way it looks.

Unique Benefits for ViBox SloMo Users

  • Tell the best stories quickly with our ultra-intuitive interface – it’s not just the fact that it’s a touch screen UI…it’s the total feel of the interface, the smooth jog, the frame accurate search, the buttons. At Simplylive, we’ve worked tirelessly on the user experience of the ViBox SloMo to ensure that system operation is intuitive, efficient and fun.
  • More power at your fingertips. While most replay systems allow you to view and work with multiple camera angles in-sync, only the ViBox SloMo application lets you do multiple simultaneous operations with in-sync’d cameras at the same time.  The result is your ability to quickly provide more review options to your director…and your viewers.
  • A happy SloMo Operator means a terrific program – While some operators are going to want to use the touch screen only, others prefer a more traditional replay SloMo remote. Some want to work in a hybrid mode – with touch and remote at the same time.  With ViBox SloMo, people can do all of the above – and simply work the way they want. 
  • Work with as many angles as your budget allows – No matter how big or small your productions need to be, ViBox SloMo has you covered. If you have a tight budget, you can work with just 3 cameras on a ViBox Mini server.  If you need to get big…you can network multiple ViBox Servers together and provide your operator with dozens of camera inputs to choose from. * 
  • Get more from just one replay system – Sometimes just one SloMo operator isn’t enough.  You need one doing replay for the in-game feed, one prepping highlights for the half-time show and the roll outs. With just one ViBox SloMo system, you can do it all with multiple users…using the same footage at the same time. ** 
  • Reduce your production costs with ViBox Remote Production – With a ViBox SloMo system you are able to locate your server with the cameras at the venue, but have your operators run the touch-screens at your “home” production center or wherever there’s a reliable connection.  
  • Look like the “big guys” with Affordable Super SloMo – Until now, Super SloMo was one of those features that was only available to premium networks with huge  production budgets. With ViBox SloMo, you have the option of adding Super SloMo to your HD and 4K programs so you can look just like the big networks at a price that’s not going to cripple your production. 
  • Give your audiences the highest quality content – produce 4K replay with the same easy-to-use interface as our HD systems. ViBox Slomo on the ViBox 4K server allows you to work with up to 6 angles of 4K. Include our Super SloMo option in the package if you want to really “wow” viewers back home. 

* Multi-server expandability only available on systems equipped with the V16/8 Server or the V4-4K server
** Multi-user operation can only be done with systems equipped with either V16/8 Server or V4-4K Server for 3-user workflows, or the V12 Sever for a 2-user workflow. 

ViBox 4K SloMo
Up to 6 4K inputs
Up to 2 outputs
Multi-user capable
Multi-server expandable

ViBox 16 SloMo
Up to 14 inputs
Up to 4 outputs

Multi-User capable
Multi-server expandable

ViBox 12 SloMo
Up to 10 inputs
Up to 4 outputs
Designed for 2-user workflows 
Remote workflow capable

ViBox 8 SloMo
Up to 7 inputs
Up to 4 outputs
Multi-user capable depending on ViBox server

ViBox 4 SloMo
Up to 3 inputs
Up to 2 outputs
Affordable option for smaller events

Key Features in SloMo Systems

  • Remote Workflow Capable
  • Highly Scalable Workflows 
  • Up To 15 Inputs
  • Up to 6 Outputs
  • Super Motion Recording (up to 8x SSM)
  • 100 Playlists
  • Export Playlists
  • Keywords/Logging
  • Import/Export of Content
  • Remote Controller Option
  • Picture In Picture Clock Overlay Option
  • Animated Graphic Wipes/RTDs
  • Multiple Replay Source Layouts

ViBox SloMo 8 User Interface

Multi-Server Multi-User Workflow

ViBox SloMo Servers 
Choose the best ViBox Server for your SloMo system.

V4-4K Server
Built for 4K SloMo workflows 
Multi-server expandable

V16/8 Server
16 or 8 channel I/O
Multi-server expandable

V12 Server
Designed for 2-user workflows
Up to 12 I/O

V Mini Server
Most affordable & portable option
for SloMo 8 or 4 single-User

SloMo Options

  • Hardware Control Surface – For replay operators that prefer traditional tactile control, the ViBox hardware control surface allows them to operate ViBox SloMo in a comfortable and familiar fashion.  This, combined with the modern touch screen interface, allows replay operators to fly through complicated productions with unmatched power and efficiency.
  • Super SloMo Option – Record and playback super high-frame rate camera content for ultra-high quality slow motion.
  • Xport Software – Automated or manual export of your program content to network attached or local storage for archiving and repurposing media.