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Video Wall Processors

Create the ultimate video experience with the CORIOmaster family

Experience unrivalled processing power across our CORIOmaster® family of modular chassis, allowing any-signal-in, to any-signal-out in glorious, eye-popping 4K quality. Mixed input resolutions, pixel-perfect window placement, source and screen orientations, bezel adjustment, edge-blending, and customizable output resolutions all contribute to CORIOmaster being the most flexible video processor available.



Optimized for 4K60 environments and is 8K ready. Display up to 40 4K video windows with no visible latency and up to 56 outputs in a 4RU.



Powerful stand-alone 4RU video wall processor for expansive 1080p installations with up to 56 inputs, which can also display up to five 4K video windows, and up to 56 outputs in 4RU.

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CORIOmaster mini

Compact form 1RU processor for medium 1080p solutions with up to 18 inputs, and the ability to add two 4K video windows, and up to 20 outputs.


CORIOmaster micro

Ultra-compact, half-width 1RU processor with Integrated front button panel for up to 8 inputs or up to 8 outputs in 1080p environments with optional 4K connectivity.


Connect, Create & Control

All the members of the CORIOmaster family are flexible and modular with built-in source switching and routing which simplifies your system connectivity. Our all-in-one video processors also mean reduced equipment, elimination of failure rates, and improved workflows, while also simplifying system maintenance.


Reduce equipment lists using all-in-one functionality including Matrix switching, video windowing, IP decoding and media playback.

Mix and Match

Seamlessly mix and match IP stream decodes with internal media playback together with AV, broadcast, and legacy AV connectivity.

Flawless in Use

We never miss a beat! Perfect, low latency video combined with in house manufacturing and long warranties guarantees peace of mind.

Easy Set Up

Our simple yet powerful CORIOgrapher set up software can be used online or offline to quickly set up your walls, exactly how you want them to look.

Multiple Walls

Feed multiple walls from a single chassis for custom resolution LED, edge blended projector or displays to keep your audience informed and entertained.

Extensive Windowing

Use large numbers of video windows including unlimited rotation, transitions, keying, borders, crops, and labels to create eye catching experiences.


Set up secure multiuser control using CORIOgrapher which includes a real-time dashboard and direct API access for both system configuration and for live control.


Download free plug-ins to speed up your third-party automation control set up. Also access our extensive, RESTful API for free also if you want to take control set up to a new level.


Our IOS and Android Apps are free to download and give instant, wireless, personal control to reduce physical touch points.

LED Walls

We make LED walls look stunning with our pixel perfect performance, multi-windowing and eye catching transitions.


Imagine creating huge horizontal and vertical edge blends up 56 projectors for large, eye catching installs.


Choose any size, any bezel size and any manufacturer. Add your display info into our CORIOgrapher software and we’ll do the rest.

Custom Resolutions

All popular VESA resolutions are supported as standard, plus it is possible to add another 20 user definable resolutions.

Multiple Resolutions

Mix and match different resolution displays, projectors and LED walls – even on the same video wall.

LED Walls

Today’s LED displays vary significantly in size, pixel, density and resolution. Do LED right with CORIOmaster.

Multiple Walls

Just one CORIOmaster unit can control multiple video walls using our expansive design canvassed with simple, unified control.

Display Rotation

Full control of rotation is perfect for precise video wall corrections or for creative videowalls.

Source Rotation

Sources can be rotated at any angle to a single degree of accuracy.

LED Walls

Simple LED wall operations using output overlaps, window placement and custom resolution management.

Edge Blending

Mix and match different resolution displays, projectors and LED walls – even on the same video wall.

Scatter Walls

Express your creativity with a scatter wall with overlapping screens to add depth and interest.

Advanced Processing Features

We’ve been engineering the very best video scaling technology for over 30 years – totally flexible, high quality, low latency performance is right at the heart of our DNA. We’ve continually developed our scaling engine to keep ahead of your AV challenges. By developing our own architecture it makes it simple to upgrade any device to the latest formats and connectors as they become available.

CORIO Inside

CORIO® guarantees performance! With several patents and a dedicated, in-house research & development team, it continues to evolve and improve to meet your needs.

Unique Scaling Engine

We are the pioneers and proven leaders in using FPGA (Field Programme Gate Array) technology for our high-performance scaling engine.

Video Stitching

Seamlessly stitch four 4K60 sources together and deliver them as quad link HDMI 2.0 to an 8K monitor.

Processing Power

CORIOmaster2 delivers guaranteed sustained bandwidth that other processors can only dream of with 752 Gbps.

High Function Processor

Always maintain lip sync with a maximum of two frames of video latency however many video sources are in view even when you decode IP streams.

Super Reliable

Trust your system to the highest quality, in-house manufacturing backed up with high levels of reliability, industry leading training and support.

Real-time Luma Keying

Add instant visual interest or graphical information overlays using graphics or full motion video to boost viewer engagement.

Single or Multiple Windows as Keys

Apply a single keyed window across the whole viewing area or add any number of keyed windows across multiple zones.

Full Keying Control

Quickly and simply key any source with full user control over keying range values and softness control help create amazing results.

Test Patterns

Speed up display configuration, color management and installation troubleshooting with our dynamic test patterns.

Clip & Still Store

Play media clips and still images from an FTP server, internal SSD or USB drive.

Synchronized Playback

Create expansive video belts by playing up to eight synchronized clips from the SSD drive.

Window Animations

Create eye catching window animations to create visual experiences people will remember.

Source Transitions

Focus your viewers eye with dynamic movement including shrink/grow and spin.

Source Switching

Glitch free switching and fade through black between sources even when they are of different formats, resolutions and frame rates.

Video Format Conversion

Seamlessly convert between your various source and signal types including digital AV, legacy AV, broadcast, IP feeds and multimedia.

Aspect Ratio Conversion

Lock your source and display aspect ratios to 16:9, 16:10 or 4:3 ratios. Alternately, create your own custom aspect ratio without limitations.

Frame Rate Conversion

Totally glitch and artefact free conversion between various different frame rates in addition to interlacing and de-interlacing.

Modular Connectivity

Populate your chassis with a wide range of input and output modules to precisely match both your source and display requirements. This allows complex functionality to be quickly and simply configured to match your exact needs.


Combine the power of low latency streaming digital video with the vast reach of the internet to create new workflows and endless opportunities for delivering messages straight to your viewers.


Benefit from more efficient data compression to stream and decode even more low latency, 1080p and 4K streams to deliver messages straight to your viewers.


Create playlists consisting of IP streams, multimedia clips and stills to display content in a carousel while also adding source labeling for quicker decision making.


The flexibility to choose between HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 with HDCP 1.4 and 2.2.


Connect with secure, screw in connectors for both DVI and HDMI video as well as audio.


Achieve longer distances of up to 500 feet paired with Magenta end points.

DVI Universal

Add incredible levels of flexibility by combining DVI input modules with adaptors to bring legacy analog formats back to life.


A range of DVI Universal adapters for HDMI, VGA, RGBHV, S-Video and CV.


Bridge the broadcast/AV divide with ease. Reap the benefits that SDI brings by boosting connectivity and adding robust, proven reach to your displays and sources.


Bridge the broadcast/AV divide with ease. Reap the benefits that SDI brings by boosting connectivity and adding robust, proven reach to your displays and sources.


Synchronize your studio video wall using framelock and synclock to lock to any of your inputs to remove conversion artefacts.

Clips & Stills

Retrieve your stored media clips, images and still graphics quickly from an FTP server, internal SSD drive or USB stick.

Synchronized Playback

Create expansive video belts by playing up to eight synchronized clips from the SSD drive.


Create playlists consisting of multimedia clips, stills and of IP streams to display content in a carousel.


Automatic network friendly connectivity using CORIOdiscover; find your CORIOmaster – even across multiple networks.


Connect with ease with static and DHCP addresses with the option of deploying completely secure connectivity.

Custom Resolutions

Update the already extensive, resolution table to work with non-standard resolutions.

Creative Wall Design

Save time and money with powerful, yet simple, wall design in either online or offline modes.

Intuitive Interface

Improved usability using familiar experiences that your creatives and engineers will pick up in an instant.

Custom Display Library

Define your displays and video windows to your desired size or pixel pitch and save to your library for later use.

PC User Control

Real-time dashboard view allows for instant triggering of multi-window presets and transitions along with source switching on multiple video walls.

App Control

Take control from your personal device using our CORIOmaster app which is available for both iOS and Android.


For advanced users, check system setup, fire commands and test automation scripting with our desktop console view.

Application Programming

Our real-time API (Application Programming Interface) gives you all of the tools available in CORIOgrapher plus much more for total creativity!

Multi-user Control

Multiple users can control our API layer for high pressure environments where dependable control matters.

Secure Control

Effortless multi-user control using our real-time RESTful API while keeping your information safe using our secure HTTPS SSL connectivity.


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