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Videon LiveEdge® 2Go & 2Go Mini

It’s got game… on the GO!

Harness the power of the LiveEdge® Ecosystem in two small, rugged and portable form factors – designed for the most grueling on-the-go workflows – both include Compute, Cloud Control, vCare and an encoding container per input. Choose 2Go with two or four inputs, 2Go Mini with two inputs, and add on just the right licensing options for your workflow – LiveEdge® 2Go is perfect for supporting multiple camera angles or backup feeds.


Housed in a tactical weather, dust, and crush-proof case.


Setup using external connectors – no need to open the case.


Fan assisted airflow keeps internal temperatures nice and low.


Low power consumption, less watts for a greener planet.
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LiveEdge® 2Go

2Go-4i is our most popular configuration, designed from the ground up, for the LiveEdge® Ecosystem. 2Go-4i contains four LiveEdge® Nodes, comes in a base bundle to get you started, and is upgradable at anytime.

LE-2GO-4I –  Base configuration, ready to customize
LiveEdge® 2Go-4i Specifications:
  • 4 Channel 1080P60 (4x LiveEdge® Node)
  • 4x 3G SDI Inputs (BNC)
  • 1x Ethernet
  • 110 / 220 VAC Input (powerCon 20)
  • 40W Maximum
  • Exterior Dimensions:
    17.5″ x 17.61″ x 7.31″

LiveEdge® 2Go Mini

2GoM-2i – is designed from the ground up, for the LiveEdge® Ecosystem. 2GoM-2i contains two Nodes and comes in a base bundle to get you started, and is upgradable at anytime:

LE-2GOM-2I –  base configuration, ready to customize
LiveEdge® 2GoM-2i Specifications:
  • 2 Channel 1080P60 (2x LiveEdge® Node)
  • 2x 3G SDI Inputs (BNC)
  • 1x Ethernet Uplink
  • 1x Ethernet LAN
  • 110 / 220 VAC Input (powerCon 20)
  • 20W Maximum
  • Exterior Dimensions: 13.38″ x 11.3″ x 6″

2Go and 2Go Mini includes LiveEdge® Compute, Cloud Control, vCare, and an encoding container per input:

LiveEdge® Compute – Compute empowers you to Develop and Run custom video computing functions using Docker. Developing is easy, our Developer Program, Developer Toolkits, and Developer Support options can provide everything that you need.

LiveEdge® Cloud Control – Includes active monitoring w/alerts, presets/profiling, device and fleet configuration, batch processing, access to Cloud Control REST API and Docker management for LiveEdge® containers.

vCare  – Live workflows are time-sensitive, get the support you need, right when you need it! vCare provides a 24x7x365 dedicated pit crew, the insurance required for time-sensitive live streaming workflows, including software upgrades, updates, bug fixes and advanced replacement. Live workflows continue to evolve at warp speed, so 2Go bundles can be remotely upgraded via LiveEdge® Cloud Control. Subscription benefits include access to Videon’s evolution on-the-fly, with continuous release cycles. Optional Slack real-time support is available.

LiveEdge® Options


  • Multiple Stream Output
    (3 x RTMP/SRT/RTSP – MPEG-2 TS Unicast x3 or Unicast x2 + Multicast x1)
  • Multi-Bit-Rate encoding (MBR) ladder up to a total of 4Kp30 – HLS, DASH, Low Latency Chunked Transfer Encoding
  • OTT Origin Server for monitoring
  • OTT HTTP Push with dual posting
  • LiveEdge® options are per input


  • SCTE-35 marker insertion for monetization


  • SMPTE-336 with KLV functionality for multi-camera time sync and user-defined metadata for personalization.


  • Adds HTML5 with motion graphics for the visualization of metadata on-screen.


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