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Videon LiveEdge® Rack

Stackable, Rackable!

LiveEdge® Rack is a new form factor built on LiveEdge® Node – 3x the power in a neat and tidy 1RU package. Rack is a part of the LiveEdge® Ecosystem – a full-on subscription service – served up with Compute, Cloud Control, vCare support, and an encoding containers, plus the option to subscribe to additional LiveEdge® services at any time, giving you the ability to create the perfect hybrid:cloud workflow.

LiveEdge® Rack adds to a family of powerful compute devices and form factors designed for the first-mile – driving advanced features and functionality while optimizing and consolidating traditionally disparate services. Rack is extremely low on power at ~30 watts per RU, and enables customers to dial in ultra-low-latency workflows more cost-efficiently – while protecting against usage-based surprises.

LiveEdge® Rack is pre-configured with three inputs, and designed for remote management with LiveEdge® Cloud Control to minimize the need for resources on-premises. LiveEdge® Rack is equally comfortable in an eight foot rack on-premises or in a rolling mini-rack that gets shuttled from venue to venue.

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LiveEdge® Options


  • Multiple Stream Output
    (3 x RTMP/SRT/RTSP – MPEG-2 TS Unicast x3 or Unicast x2 + Multicast x1)
  • Multi-Bit-Rate encoding (MBR) ladder up to a total of 4Kp30 – HLS, DASH, Low Latency Chunked Transfer Encoding
  • OTT Origin Server for monitoring
  • OTT HTTP Push with dual posting
  • LiveEdge® options are per input


  • SCTE-35 marker insertion for monetization


  • SMPTE-336 with KLV functionality for multi-camera time sync and user-defined metadata for personalization.


  • Adds HTML5 with motion graphics for the visualization of metadata on-screen.


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