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VidOptic Camera-Back Fiber Optic SDI Transceiver

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Powerful HD SDI Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receiver

All the Signals that You Need for Studio & Multi-Camera Production…Small and Lightweight…and Light on Your Budget


The new VidOptic Camera-Back 4K has been completely re-designed to provide a full complement of bi-directional signals for most any 4K camera on the market today. Starting with the case itself, every aspect of the new VidOptic Camera-Back has been refined to keep overall size and weight as small as possible without sacrificing performance or operability. Each unit is milled from a block of aluminum and the result is a fiber transceiver that becomes a seamless part of your camera without angles and sharp corners. The display uses high-intensity blue LEDs that are easy for the operator to see, but not intrusive. But as beautiful as the exterior design is, the elegance is on the inside. Inside is all the signal transport you need for video acquisition without compromises. Do you prefer a color LCD viewfinder? The return HD/SD signal is there. Do you like to have a program earpiece for your stage manager? Do you need time code for recording in the camera? How about extra data? It’s all in there!



  • All signals on ONE Cable
  • Four 3G-SDI paths
  • 10km Operation
  • Intercom with IFB/PGM inject
  • 2 Mic inputs with phantom and pre-amps
  • Accepts Anton-Bauer and “V-mount” Battery plates
  • Integrated Tally lamps
  • Camera RCP Control
  • 1 additional Data path (232/422)
  • 2 GPIO’s
  • Integrated swivel for optical connector
  • Top-mounted taps for mounting viewfinder
  • Optional 15mm Iris Rod bracket for mounting flexibility
  • Lightweight, low-profile packaging


  • D-SNG and News
  • Sports and OB
  • College campus
  • Concert (I-Mag)
  • Digital cinema
  • Tele-Medicine
  • 3-D Acquisition



Video, SDI (bi-directional)
Interface SMPTE 259M, 292M, 310M
Data Rate 5Mb/sec to 3Gb/sec
Input Level 800mV peak to peak
Impedance (In/Out) 75 Ohms
Bit-error rate 10-12
Jitter (pathological) <280 pico secs

# of Channels 1 icom + 1 PGM listen
Interface 4-wire
Freq Response 200Hz-15kHz +/- 3dB
Max Distortion <= 0.5%
Noise < -60dBu
Max Gain >= +24dB Min Gain <= -45dB

AES Audio
Input/Output Balanced, AES3/AES3id
I/O Impedance 110 Ohm/75 Ohm (DIP Sw)
+/-20%, 0.1MHz-6.0MHz
Min/Max Input 2-7 Vpp into 110 Ohms
Rise/Fall time 5-30ns for 10 Ohm
Jitter < 20nsElectro-Optical
Operating Wavelengths 1271-1591nm
TX Laser output power -2 – 0dBm, Class 1
Receiver Sensitivity -18 dBm
Fiber Compatibility singlemode
Optical Connector ST, SC, OpticalCon DUO
or Fibreco EXB Mini, 311M
Distance limit 10 kmSerial Data
232,422,485 DC-3Mbps
232 In V +/- 25V max, 2V min
232 Out V +/- 5V @ 3Kohm, 1.6V Sens.
422,485 In V -7V to 12V, 0.2V diff min
GPIO’s Normally Open, Form 1 SPST

Analog Audio
# of Channels 2 w/ pre-amps
S/N >90db
Frequency Response < +/-0.1db
(20Hz – 20kHz)
Distortion < 0.05%
Level Adjust 28,16,10,4 dBu
Max I/O Level 28 dBu
Impedance In (bal) 600 Ohms +
Impedance Out (bal) <10 Ohms
Icom level 4 dBu FS
Icom Impedance In 10 K Ohm
Icom Impedance Out <50 OhmMechanical, Environmental
Cam Unit
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6” x 5” x 1.1”
Weight 2.5 lbs.
Base unit
Dimensions (LxWxH) 17.5” x 10” x 1.75”
Weight x 3 lbs.
Power Input (Base) 2.5mm jack, Center pin +
Base 6.5 watts @12-18 VDC
Cam Unit 6.5 watts @12VDC
Temperature Range -0° to +70°C
Humidity Range 0 to 95% RH

Dual-Purpose your camcorders for live events and multi-camera!


The VidOptic Camera Back mounts between a professional broadcast camera and its battery with your choice of Anton-Bauer or “V-Mount” battery plates. Being only 1” thin and 2.5 pounds in weight, the VidOptic Camera Back will not significantly alter the total weight or the center-of-gravity of the handheld camera. And with its energy-efficient design, power consumption is minimal.

If the system is being used in a more stationary environment, A local 12VDC supply could be used with a 4-pin adapter plate (Anton-Bauer part # SO-XLR) to power both the VidOptic Camera Back AND the camera.

Make the Connection

The tactical fiber optic cable that connects the VidOptic Camera Back to the base unit has come a long way in the last two decades. Technology has made the single mode glass fibers stronger and has come up with ways to make it less sensitive to tight bending. Advances in the compounds used to make the exterior jackets have also resulted in stronger, more reliable cables and new connectors are available that are easier to install and maintain. The result is cables that are far tougher than your typical coaxial cables at a
fraction of the weight, with RF and EFI immunity, no grounding issues and the ability to provide years of reliable service.

We have reels from Schill that are used around the world in the harshest broadcast and industrial environments that can hold up to 1000 ft. (311m) of fiber cable. There are four optical connector options for the VidOptic Camera Back:

The opticalCON DUO connector from Neutrik is a two-fiber, LC based connector that has gained popularity in recent years. This small and innovative connector has a small “door” that closes over the internal LC termini pins when the connector is not being used. The receptacles can be mounted in standard XLR cut-outs.

The Fibreco Mini is a hermaphroditic expanded beam connector that uses lenses rather than pins and sockets to pass light from one connector to another. The advantage is that
these connectors are VERY easy to clean and maintain. Being hermaphroditic, multiple reels can be connected together without the need for connecting “barrels” or adapters. The Mini is completely compatible with the MX connector.

The LEMO SMPTE hybrid connector or plain ST’s can also be specified.

All come with integrated caps with lanyards and a pedigree of durability and reliability.

Small Conveniences Make Huge Differences

One big issue with some modern camcorders is that there is no way to externally access or trigger the tally lights. On a crowded set or busy news shoot, this can be a big problem. The VidOptic Camera Back solves this with a simple, top-mounted LED tally that is triggered from a GPI at the base unit.

To facilitate mounting the VidOptic Camera Back onto any current camera, the bottom of the camera unit can incorporate an optional dovetail with threads which allows existing accessories to be attached directly to the VidOptic Camera Back. The 15mm iris rod bracket is compatible with industry standard 60×15 rods.

Camera I/O

The operator control panel provides a simple interface by which the camera operator can quickly and easily check on system link and signal status and adjust audio and intercom levels. Soft-touch buttons and blue LED back-lighting make these adjustments fast and easy. Intercom talk and listen levels as well as the IFB/PGM listen level are located near the top. The LOCAL/REMOTE button allows the operator to trigger his mic via the VTR button on the lens. A small Tally indicator is located near the bottom and is triggered through the TALLY data path. Mic inputs 1 & 2 pre-amps and phantom power are controlled here via convenient soft switches and the levels are easily monitored with the VU meters. At the rear of the unit are XLR’s for Audio MIC inputs 1 and 2 and a 5-pin XLR for Intercom. Three Lemo data connectors provide 232/422 data, GPIO information and extra audio. There is also a 1/8” mini for Talent IFB/PGM.

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