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VidOptic FVT/FVR 2000 Series HD SDI 3Gbs Transmitter & Reciever

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VidOptic FVT/FVR 2000 Series for HD SDI 3Gbs Video Transmission


FVT/FVR 2000 Series Transmitter and Receiver for HD-SDI Fiber Optic Transport


State-Of-The-Art Solution for Moving High Definition Video:

The VidOptic 2000 Series offers multi-rate HD-SDI fiber optic transport with options for multiple audio, intercom and bi-directional data over a single fiber, with high definition transport up to 1080p 3G HD-SDI, uncompressed.

VidOvation’s VidOptic FVT-FVR 2000 Series gives broadcasters and A/V professionals an innovative solution for moving high definition video as well as analog or AES audio , intercom, GPIO’s and tally. The data and GPIO channels can be used to control equipment in remote locations, and the tally relay can be used to control a camera tally light. The system has audio inputs for two channels of outbound digital AES audio or four analog audio channels with two more bi-directional audio channels for 4-wire intercom. Also, you can cross-convert audio signals, by inputting analog or AES audio and getting both analog AND AES out saving the cost of A/D converters. The VidOptic 2000 Series also gives users three discreet
bi- directional RS-232, 422 or 485* data channels as well as four GPIO’s and one tally. Embedded audio within the HD-SDI video signal is supported as long as the resultant signal is SMPTE compliant.

The VidOptic 2000 Series provides loop outs, equalized inputs, and re-clocked dual outputs, supporting 5 to 2970 Mb/s, SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HDSDI, DVB, ASI and SMPTE standards 424M, 292M, 259M and 310M.

The VidOptic 2000 Series can be used as a stand-alone product or, alternately, can be rack mounted with our convenient Rack Kits. When integrated into the MultiDyne LightBox or LightCube and combined with our other industry-leading fiber transport products, completely custom solutions can be suited to most any purpose from campus interconnects to remote outside broadcast applications.

Rely on the VidOptic 2000 Series to provide unsurpassed quality with no loss whether within a studio or across town.



• 1 SDI, up to 3Gbs
• Supports SMPTE ( 424M, 310M, 292M, 259M )
• Eq’s and re-clocks
• 4 analog audio or 2 AES to Base
• Two 4-wires for icom
• 3 data ( RS 232, 422, 485 )
• 4 GPIO
• 1 Tally
• 1, 2 or 3 bers
• Multimode or Singlemode
• ST, SC or LC
• Rugged design
• Quiet – no fans
• Throw-down, rack or LightBox
• Seven year warranty



• Remote Cam Control in Broadcast Locations
• Intelligent transportation systems
• Point of View (POV) cameras
• Distance learning
• HD surveillance
• High end tactical government missions
• Surgical video
• Specialty cameras
• Etc.


See the different 2000 Series Modules in the data sheet below.

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