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VITEC AvediaStream Transcoders

Deliver high-quality content to any device

AvediaStream Transcoders enable content to be easily converted into a compatible format for delivery to the users preferred viewing device, whether that’s a TV/display screen, a computer or a mobile device.


Features & Benefits

Broad range of functionality

  • Scale: reduce or increase the resolution of the image, for example, from 4K to 1080p.
  • Transcode: change the encoding of the video and/or audio; for example, HEVC to H.264.
  • Transrate: alter the compression and therefore the transmission bit rate, regardless of whether the codec type is changed or not, for example, go from 6Mbps to 500kbps.
  • Transpose: rotate the video (270 degrees) for use in portrait video.

Extensive range of use cases

  • Enable real-time delivery of video and audio content to any device, keeping end users up to date and entertained, wherever they are.
  • Save 50% bandwidth whilst maintaining quality using the HEVC (H.265) codec, which is especially important for 4K content.
  • Ensure video traceability and brand your video content with customisable text, image and time watermarking.
  • Easily distribute production-quality video from your NDI® or SDI live production environments to your Exterity IP video solution and vice versa.
  • Increase reliability with transcoder high availability and channel redundancy, providing continued availability of streams using a failover mechanism.
  • Our Transcoders and Origin Server platforms support RTMPS, enabling organisations to stream live events, such as sports competitions, to Facebook Live and reach a broad audience.

Full integration with Exterity’s solutions

  • Provide live TV within digital signage with ArtioSign or as part of an interactive ArtioView IPTV portal.
  • Make channels available on the network alongside video streams using AvediaStream Encoders and Gateways.
  • Stream premium audio-visual content to any IPTV end point, including AvediaStream Media Players.
  • Deliver video streams to mobile devices with the AvediaStream Origin Server.

Find the AvediaStream Transcoder(s) for your needs from the table below or contact your system integrator for advice

AvediaStream t5320 Transcoder AvediaStream t5620 Transcoder
Convert Off-line Transcode
Convert Live Transcode
HEVC support
Stream Delivery
(up to 40 video channels depending on format)

(up to 75 video channels depending on format)


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