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VITEC ChannelLink


  • Network Protocol Translation from source to destination
  • Centralized gateway for simplified stream management
  • IP video routing across LANs, WAN and other IP network types
  • IPTV Channel Reflection: Multicast to Unicast and Unicast to Multicast
  • Ultra-low processing time
  • Intuitive web management interface for remote configuration



More and more video feeds are transmitted live over various IP transmission links making it complex for organizations to efficiently and reliably manage those feeds. ChannelLink allows organizations to deliver IP content anywhere, anytime with the ease of use of legacy baseband video matrices.

ChannelLink acts as a central hub where IP channels from the field can be received and retransmitted live reliably, acting as an efficient gateway across any IP network. It is especially well suited for stream management, routing, rebroadcasting or IPTV stream reflection over WAN/The Internet. It can receive any number of input streams and translate them into a multicast or unicast MPEG Transport Stream over UDP (UDP TS) or a SRT protected stream. Its future proof design ensures support of more transport protocols in the future allowing it to stay ahead of the game.

For broadcasters, ChannelLink simplifies content delivery of live channels from news agencies, sports or entertainment venues. Designed to meet stringent security criteria, it is also suited for secure government and military full motion video (FMV) applications.

ChannelLink ensures full compatibility with third-party encoders and decoders. Compatible with MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC codecs, the gateway is compression standard agnostic and is engineered to evolve and support future transport protocols.

Easy to Setup

Designed to facilitate the setup for operators, an unlimited number of channel sources (encoders) spread around the globe can be set to target a single IP address associated with the ChannelLink. Additionally, the user-friendly interface is designed to simplify channel source-to-destination routing.


VITEC encoders and decoders provide the capability to encrypt the audio and video stream. ChannelLink handles the management of such encrypted streams to secure your content end-to-end. To ensure full compatibility with civilian and governmental secure environments, ChannelLink has been designed to conform to the most stringent network and information assurance security standards. Specific accreditations can be provided by VITEC upon request.


  • Content Backhaul / Contribution
  • Remote Production over The Internet (REMI)
  • Sports Venues, eSports, In-House and Multi-site IP video distribution
  • Full Motion Video stream management and distribution


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