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  • Low latency HD/SD streaming from SDI and Composite simultaneously
  • Dual SDI inputs capture with 4K/UHD support for the OEM board
  • Low bandwidth HEVC/H.264 encoder suited for ISR missions
  • Hardware based resolution and frame rate scaling
  • KLV / STANAG metadata support from serial, IP and SDI VANC
  • Best SWAP: 0.82lb, 8.8W (typical) in a miniature form factor
  • Available as rugged appliance or OEM board for integrators
  • Not controlled under ITAR



MGW Pico+ TOUGH is a miniature, power-efficient MIL STD certified HEVC and H.264 rugged video encoder. It encodes and streams real-time video with frame accurate KLV metadata. MGW Pico+ TOUGH is fanless and its pocket-size enclosure is designed for use on unmanned and manned vehicles, in fly-away kits or hand-carried in extreme conditions. MGW Pico+ TOUGH is available as a portable rugged encoder or as a single board with UHD encoding support for integrators.

Designed to meet the most stringent environmental requirements, the MGW Pico+ TOUGH packs all the necessary capabilities for any Surveillance, Intelligence and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensor or Situational Awareness (SA) video in an ultra-small enclosure. The unit supports simultaneous encoding and streaming of analog and SDI sources in low bandwidth HEVC or H.264, asynchronous and synchronous KLV / STANAG metadata capture from various sources, real-time image video scaling and efficient stream transport protections, and it outputs JITC compliant video streams.

Weighing under 400g, with 8.8W power consumption for 4K or dual channel streaming, and only 18 seconds from power-on to live IP stream, MGW Pico+ TOUGH is the ideal video encoder for any aerospace project, ground forces and manned/unmanned platforms needing low latency, low bandwidth HEVC with high-quality video streaming.


  • Real-time IP streaming of 4K/HD/SD content for Situational Awareness (SA)
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) video from ground and airborne vehicles over RF or satellite link
  • Broadcast-quality video contribution in harsh environments


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