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  • MPEG-4 ASP l(evel 0-5) up to FD1, MPEG-2 (4:2:0) and MPEG-1 encoding
  • 24/7 very long encoding
  • Still image capture while encoding
  • Split mode (back-to-back files)
  • Pause/resume
  • Overlay texts and images



VITEC’s VM4-2ex capture and compression board provides high quality MPEG-4 encoding up to FD1 and MPEG-2 encoding for industrial and professional applications at surprisingly low cost. It performs very long encoding with still image capture during encoding and split mode encoding of back-to-back files.

Designed for developers, Vitec VM4-2ex is based on the proprietary VITEC VM2000TM MPEG compression chip with hybrid technology that leverages the full potential of the host computer processor as well as the encoder’s internal co-processor and software capabilities to provide a scalable and cost-effective encoding solution. It integrates a high-speed 1 lane PCIe bus to maximize throughput while providing superior scaling and error detection.

Vitec VM4-2ex features 4 composite or 2 S-video multiplexed inputs as well as a mini jack stereo audio input and RGBs, S-video and composite outputs.  A powerful and easy to use software development kit (SDK) uses the LiveWire™ framework, which provides ready-to-use connectable components that drastically reduce product development time.


  • Industrial applications
  • Professional applications


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