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  • HD & SD H.264 encoding
  • AVC profile: MP@L3/HP@L4.1 at 1080p, 1080i, 720p
  • Video inputs: HD-SDI 3Gb/s and SDI digital, composite analog
  • Audio inputs: SDI embedded and AES/EBU digital, balanced and unbalanced stereo analog
  • Outputs: HD-SDI 3Gb/s and SDI digital, composite analog
  • Hardware-based encoder (Multiboard driver available)



Designed for demanding video applications, the VITEC VMC-7440 delivers extremely high quality HD and SD H.264 encoding up to 1080p with 4:2:0 sampling. The PCIe 1-lane hardware-based encoder supports high definition up to HP@L4.1.

VITEC VMC-7440 video inputs include HD-SDI 3Gb/s and SDI digital as well as a composite analog video input. Audio inputs include SDI embedded and AES/EBU digital inputs and analog balanced and unbalanced stereo analog inputs.

A powerful and easy to use software development kit (SDK) includes the powerful LiveWire™ framework, which includes ready-to-use connectable components that substantially reduce product development time.

Additional features include dual encoding (2 files from a unique video source), video preview on host PC screen and still image capture in native resolution during encoding.


  • Video on demand
  • IPTV
  • Editing
  • Video ingest
  • Military applications


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