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Viz Trio

Viz Trio

Viz Trio is the most widely, used, reliable and powerful control application for graphics and media on the market, with customizable interface and seamless data-integration for fast turnaround and instant delivery.

Customizable, Powerful, Scalable

  • Customizable, intuitive interface
  • Robust Viz Engine control
  • Easily scalable to control unlimited output channels

Cost-effective & Collaborative

  • Shallow learning curve
  • Fast data-integration setup
  • Multiple operators can collaborate on the same show

Cloud-ready with multi-platform output

  • Deployable anywhere
  • MOS, NLEs integration
  • Playout to any platform with different look and feel


What is Viz Trio?

Viz Trio is an advanced playout control application that enables effortless controlling of data-driven real-time graphics. It is a feature-rich solution with a customizable interface that allows operators to personalize their own view of playlists, templates, pages, and tab fields. The data integration is so simple to connect that any operator can set up and play out real-time data-driven graphics, saving time and additional resources. Easy editing of elements and Viz Pilot Edge templates, smart hierarchical search on tab fields, and real-time preview give operators and producers the confidence to execute a perfect show every time.

Graphics, live-data and playlists come together to tell your story


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